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Sorry i’ve been a bit lax in my post this week, it has been mentioned, so I consider myself told off and note to ones self to try and do better. 😁

Funny, Funny, Full Body Massage Service

I had 2 blown windows replaced yesterday morning, I approached my landlord to have them replaced as they were running in condensation and going mouldy between the double glazing. He wasn’t interested, so I’ve had to have them replaced myself because they were so bad. I’m not an expert, but worried the mould spores would enter my environment and it’s not the image I like to portray. They did a great job but when I started work, I placed my foot on the electric foot pedal to lift the couch and it started making a terrible noise. I think they managed to get some grit in my hydraulics as there were bits of old putty and grit all over my room. I did leave a frantic message explaining but as yet, no one has returned my call!

My back is still giving me hell, I think it’s my cross to bare lol To all of you whom have never experienced serious back pain, you are so lucky and I hope you never do. Everything is a constant battle through the pain daily and its exhausting. Look after your back people!


This was sent in by a reader and I hope you find it amusing as much as I did.

“Things I have learned over the years”

Bi curious. was not to the  man who fell in the sea when his wings melted.

S&Ms are not chocolate covered peanuts

Prostate Massage are not a garage band

Double dipping does come with a Mcnugget meal.

There are lots of Rampant Rabbits in East Anglia & they often donated to the RSPCA  via charity shops.

Threesome MFM F FM are not local radio stations

Cross dressing does not only occur when you fall over after putting both legs in the same hole of your boxers.

Cunnilingus Candolini Wheelbarrow Reverse and Cowboy are not a firm of Solicitors.

Bashing the Bishop are not appearing at the Edinburgh fringe.

Enjoy your weekend and definitely get your BBQ’s dusted off, it’s going to be a lovely this weekend.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Funny, Funny, Full Body Massage Service

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