Sue’s Pain & Strife

Sue’s Pain & Strife

Sue’s Pains & Strife



Good morning people,

I hope you are all well and not feeling overworked as we approach the end of our second week of back to work.

For me its been great to get my hands moving again, although, I have had more than my share of No Sows over the last couple of weeks and they were all new clients.

One in particular, a man with a northern accent called me to arrange an appointment. His voice sounded familiar so I asked him if we had spoken before or met? It’s doubtful he remarked as he’s only in this area 3 times a year.

I’m pretty good with voices but I couldn’t place his so even though I had an alarm bell ringing, I agreed to take his booking. On the morning of his appointment my sixths sense came into play so I texted him, asking if he was still ok for his appointment. Surprise surprise, “No response!” Then the penny dropped! Annoyed at myself because I now know who this man is, I called him just hoping he will have the balls to answer my call….. No such luck!

This man changes his name and his number and seems to gets his thrills and kicks out of making appointments and not turning up. Over the years this is the 4th time I have be caught by this man.

Sue's Pain & Strife, Sue’s Pain & Strife, Full Body Massage Service

You always get one idiot who’s consistent in their plight and spoils it for everyone else. Obviously, when this happens my trust and faith becomes diminished and I start to questioned and analyse.

On a different note…

My 3rd Wednesday of the month was a success even though I was in agony with my back. Monday I picked up 2 grow back at once from the boot of my car and carried them through to my garden. I knew I shouldn’t have done it as soon as I picked them up but hey ho, thats what you do when you’re by yourself and in a hurry.

Tuesday, I got up out of bed and fell to the floor in agony yep my back had gone and was screaming at me. Worried, I gingerly made my way down stairs and hit the pain killers to see if it would elevate enough of the pain so I could work.

Eventually the pain eased enough and my day started but I was fully aware of it’s intent lol. As my day progressed, I knew I needed to seek help from my chiropractor. He was amazing and his advice was very helpful to get me through the rest of my day.

I know I need to get into my chiropractors surgery but with Wednesday looming and my diary busy there after, it’s an impossible task. I repeated the tasks for Wednesday and it seemed to work enough so I didn’t let anyone down but my last client was for waxing and after I had finished their treatment, I was in agony once more.

Sue's Pain & Strife, Sue’s Pain & Strife, Full Body Massage Service

Today i’m a mess but It’s not in my vocabulary to let my clients down especially  if I can get through the pain. I am armed with a variety of tools to help me through today. I intend to make an appointment as soon as possible. Omg what a nightmare my back is and has been.

It’s weird, do you every feel like you’re taking one step forward and two backwards!

Ok enough of my woes this morning, I’m sure you have better things to think about….

Can you help?

I am still looking for-

  1. A professional photographer who works in Burlesque photography
  2. A freelance professional to help with my website
  3. Someone to quote for laying appropriately 40 400 x 400 paving slabs
  4. Someone to quote for clearing a small area of land and erecting a fence

Any advice, recommendations or help would be most appreciated. I’m always happy to pay cash if this helps to the right persons.

That’s all folks, I will leave you all in peace…

Have a great day and remember, it’s Friday tomorrow hehe.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

I’m still waiting for your articles of interest and stories, don’t be shy, it’s completely anonymous and I would be most grateful for your content as i’m sure my readers will be. Email it through to me now at Thank you 😁

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Sue's Pain & Strife, Sue’s Pain & Strife, Full Body Massage Service

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