Good Morning

Good Morning

Good Morning

Good Morning


“I wonder what today will bring”

Good morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service
Good morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service
Cooling down

Good Morning Readers,

Well, after the stifling heat of the last week, we are due to receive a few thundershowers and as usual, it’s not cast in stone as they will be a somewhat hit and miss. By all accounts, they are predicted to be heavy downpours if your luck/unlucky to receive one. To be honest, I love a good thunderstorm every now and then and find them romantic in a strange way, they clears the air and it’s not as if my garden couldn’t do with it. Hopefully if we get one it will reduce the evening temperature so at least we can have a decent nights sleep. I don’t know about you, but a good nights sleep would be most welcomed, I’m fed-up with tossing and turning all night trying to find a cool spot.

Male Pictures

I have started to receive a few erotic pictures form you gents who are happy for me to display on a new page for ladies to view. Anyone who would like to submit a saucy/erotic/cheeky or artful picture are most welcome. You can show as much or as little of you as you wish. Email your pictures to and be assured of complete anonymity at all times.

I can’t wait to view your artful work of art and you may send as many as you wish.

Thank you x

Good morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service

No Shows!

No shows are people who book appointments and just don’t turn up! they have no respect for anyone and are only out for themselves. Last week I had a number of these and turning away firm appointments because these new clients had arranged firm booking.

I spent the weekend humming and haring and asking myself if I should continue in this industry because of the way these people had treated me. Nobody in any industry likes or needs this behaviour especially in the light of the lockdown where so many people are trying to survive and because my industry is about trust, it seems this industry gets more than it’s fair share.

I’m in a dilemma/quandary about it all, people have changed and respect for others seems very low on their agenda’s which ii’m really sad to say. What happened to these people I wonder to make them treat people with such contempt.

I guess time will tell what happens next…

Morning Booty Calls

Don’t you just love a morning boot call? It’s rarely about love and passion and more about the feeling of want, must have and the racing of bloody pumping around your body really sets you up for the day. You feel as if you can conquer most of what life throws at you and that sense of feeling wanted simply ticks every box.

Granted it’s not for everyone and with certain life commitments it can be a little difficult to achieve but oh boy, when it happens, it’s a lustful moment and one thats highly recommend to start your day well and unstressed.

Good morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

Thanks for taking five minutes out of your day to read my post.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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