Hello – Updates

Hello – Updates


Good morning,

Trusting you all had a fantastic time over the Easter Bank Holiday catching up with friends and loved ones and eating lots of chocolate?

How strange was the weather yesterday? there were times when the sun was shining and warm if you stood out of the wind, yet snow was falling lol. As i’ve said many times before, this can only happen in England…. You have to laugh about it!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time with my son and his family. My daughter in law is a fantastic cook and she had cooked a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings and I mean all t you can imagine. Throughly spoilt and full to the brim. It’s not a good look when you find yourself waddling over to your car because you’ve eaten too much.

Ok, enough of me rambling on and down to business. I wanted to let you all know about some updates that have happened and will happen.

Updates, Hello – Updates, Full Body Massage Service

Official Reopening

Yesterday Boris Johnson confirmed that my industry will be allowed to reopen on 12th April 2021 as previously suggested. Its great news for myself and for many of you who have called regularly hoping to keep updated with my reopening schedule.

As previously mentioned, I have started to take firm advanced appointments for the week commencing 12th April 2001. Previous clients are welcome to text through dates and dates and new client, please give me a call to arrange. Many thanks.

Female Masseuse Website

You may have noticed things are starting to change on my site. Some pages have been updated with the remaining pages still to be worked on. Please bare with me.


New pages have been added under my new Wellness section and again, other pages are still to follow.

My Wellness section has its own contact page and a different telephone number. Giving people the confidence and security to book their professional Wellness session. A completely new concept for my site but one thats been requested many times.

I will just reiterate, The wellness section is completely and strictly professional. These sessions are  NOT in anyway of a sexual nature and I will be dressed accordingly.

Problems with my pages

I have tried to update these pages without mistakes etc but please, if by chance you come across spelling mistake or something isn’t working please contact me so I can rectify the problem.

Erotica for Ladies

This page is still there so ladies don’t panic. This page has now been moved to a more subtle position of my site.

I am always grateful when receiving pictures to upload to this page, it helps to keep the page fresh for viewing by ladies.

Since it’s launch, the view to this page has been steady and increasing on a daily basis with great feedback. Although it has been suggested and asked why there isn’t any pictures from different ethnic groups? all I can say is, I haven’t received any pictures to upload. Other have requested seeing men in uniform. That’s a challenge if ever I heard one… Gents if you are of colour etc, get clicking also, Gents if you own a uniform the ladies would luv to see your artistic pictures and not just willy pictures please. Thanks for keeping this page fresh and have fun with your pictures.

Blog Posts

I need your help please! I need your articles… If you’re a mechanic, builder, postman, maybe you work with animals, a professional in any sector with some interesting facts. Maybe you are a travel agent with some fantastic deals and destination we need to hear about? Please jot them down and email it through. Myself and my readers would enjoy the read.

Do you have a funny story to tell? again pls jot it down & email it through, we could all do with a chuckle occasionally.

My blog is for you the reader and i’m only one lady who’s brain doesn’t always want to function as it should lol. Your submission would help me enormously, so please give it ago and get sending. Thank you x

Time to go now but it’s been great to inform you all about my update and roll on 12th April when I start to see you all again.

Have a good day and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

Email me at contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

Subscription Plan

Updates, Hello – Updates, Full Body Massage Service
Updates, Hello – Updates, Full Body Massage Service
Updates, Hello – Updates, Full Body Massage Service

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