Easter Monday –  Story

Easter Monday – Story

Easter Monday

Easter Monday

Story – for you

Good morning,

An erotic story just for you , “Make yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair, this could take a while”

Chapter 1

Sometime around 10ish, my eyes started to open. I reached up to give them a rub trying to encourage them to focus. As I lay there in my dazed awakening my mind became flooded with glimpses of explicit passion. “Wow that was a hot dream” oh hang on a minutes, was it a dream or was it real?

I instinctively turned my head to my usually vacant pillow and there he was, what a vision to brighten my morning. This handsome man was sound asleep, dark wavy hair with grey strands that glisten in the morning sun and a groomed stubble that encapsulated his jawline.

I pinched myself hard to make sure I was awake, ouch, this is definitely happening, it’s real, there’s a gorgeous male specimen laying next to me in my bed.

I laid there for sometime just studying this vision beside me and recalling the events of yesterday and asking myself  “how did I end up here,” not that I was complaining from the hot flashbacks my memory had recalled..

To get to this point, I need to start at the beginning.

Chapter 2

Some weeks earlier, a friend of mine had asked if I would be his plus one to a garden party. He explained the event was held every year and it was something special. I eagerly accepted, it was a no brainer, I had no personal life really, I worked online from home and everyday was the same.  Work and more work was how I spent my days and it would be great to get out and meet people.

As we pulled up to the address it seemed that everyone had been invited, we struggled to find somewhere to park and ended up parking a fair distance away.

What a beautiful country setting, we walked for a while and eventually arrived at this large country house set way back from the road. I could hear the faint sounds of music coming from the rear of the house. Signage of arrows had been staked in the ground for the guest to follow. Through a gate turn right, down a winding paved pathway lined with shrubs and very tall trees opening up into a large meadow. A small marquee had been erected housing the music. To the left, an oil drum bbq was roaring and to the right, a table acting as a self service bar. Bales of hay were dotted all around amongst table and chairs. The event was already in full swing with many clusters of people everywhere. A feeling of rustic charm with etiquette came to mind.

We were greeted by the host, Paul, an older gent, well spoken with a glint in his eye. He lead us over to the bar and chattered with my friend Mark for a while before he excused himself to greet other guest which we arriving constantly.

With our drinks firmly in our hands we decided to find somewhere to sit, eventually finding a couple of vacant chairs at a huge table of people. Mark and I chatted and laughed as we normally did when we were in each others company. Mark is a great guy, he’s been divorced for a number of years and is always on the outlook for a lady to spend his life with. He’s easy going and like me, he loves music and people watching.

Mark said “is it time to do your 360 take on the event”, it was something we always did when we went out only to see who’s company we were in. Laughing, I replied, “you know me so well” Mark chuckled as he got up to replenish our drinks.

As I was checking out my surroundings with my 360, discreetly of course, there where many groups of people all around. Some were talking others were laughing, there was a real hub of good vibes going on around me, but then I noticed one man staring in my direction. He can’t be looking at me, I thought, he’s so handsome and dashing. I quickly dismissed the silly idea and carried on viewing my surroundings and mouthing the words to the song that was playing.

Mark returned with our drinks and jokingly said “you’ve pulled” what? “You must have seen the guy staring at you?” “Don’t be silly” I said and we both laughed. He then piped up and said “I have my eye on a lady I have just met at the bar, she seems just my type and I wouldn’t mind getting to know her better”. “Maybe this is the night you find your forever lady” I said.

Chapter 3

Time had moved on, we had both sampled the BBQ and dusk was upon us, fairy lights now illuminated the meadow. It’s a beautiful vision and strangely, it felt magical. I got a sense that anything could happen tonight.

Mark had notice the lady he met earlier, she was up dancing. Mark turned to me and said “come on, let’s show them a few moves”, laughing, we started to dance amongst the many who were already up dancing and doing their thing. It didn’t take Mark long before his moves had joined the lady he was interested in. It’s fun to watch Mark moves, he’s such a smooth operator!

Easter Monday Story, Easter Monday –  Story, Full Body Massage Service

A number of dance songs had played when a slower track arrived, I watched Mark take the lady in hand, I turned to walk towards my seat when the man I noticed staring before approached me. In a deep voice he said “shall we”, with a smile on my face and without uttering a word, I took his hand as he lead me back to the dance area.

His huge hands pulled me in close so our bodies were touching as we started to move in sink. I could smell his aftershave mixed with his scent, an intoxicating smell and one my body seemed to like immensely.

One hand nestled in the small of my back his other traveling slowly up and down my backless dress and waking up my dormant senses. I looked up at him, he was very handsome, I stared into his eyes as if looking for answers, “Why me?” My eyes were met by his intense stare, he seemed to look deep within me. At that moment, I felt naked as if he could see all of me. He lent down and whispered in my ear, “my name is David, whats yours?” a quick reply “Sue” that was all I could muster.

Chapter 4

It was ages since I was in a mans embrace and although, what I was feeling felt good and right I also felt completely out of my depth.

Another slow song started to play, I quickly glanced around me, I could see Mark engrossed and kissing his new lady friend. There were dozens of people all up smooching away to the slow sounds. It made me feel happier to see I wasn’t alone and on parade.

Easter Monday Story, Easter Monday –  Story, Full Body Massage Service

David’s hand lifted my chin and our eyes met again, he uttered the words “i’m going to kiss you” and with that our lips met. A tender kiss sending signals of want and desire directly to my brain. It didn’t take much for that wanting feeling to return. We shuffled to the music and then another kiss, we had chemistry!

The song had finished and more upbeat tunes started to play, David said “would you like to go somewhere else?” and without out giving it a thought, I heard my mouth simply say “Yes”.

Mark was completely infatuated with his new lady but I had to say my goodbyes and told him I was going home with David and said “call me tomorrow”. He smiled and said “definitely and have fun!”

David took my hand and lead me back to the front of the house and to his car which just happened to be a sports car. I remember noticing this car on the way in. A gentleman, David seemed to be, he opened the door for me and closed it behind me. “Where to” he asked, I gave him my postcode and he spoke my postcode into his sat-nav. and off we went.

His hand perched on my thigh has he roared down the country lanes, his hand started to stroke my bare leg. I glanced over at him and started to quickly do an analyst of my situation. What was I doing? I didn’t know this man and I was taking him home!, But we have chemistry and he could be the one! Plus he looks very dashing, he’s well spoken and doesn’t grunt and mostly, he’s made me feel something special. He’d triggered a feeling inside me I thought had been lost forever. quickly, I came to the conclusion, I was doing this, I wanted this and to accept what was going to happen!

Chapter 5

We arrived at my postcode and with a few direction David had parked and was opening my door. He took my hand and helped me up and instantly pulled me close. We kissed passionately leaning up against his car, his hand slowly running up and down the sides of my dress. My hands exploring his firm torso, his shirt was open a little, I leaned in to kiss the bits that were exposed. Mmmm he smelt so good, I could breath him in forever… his scent was making me all of a quiver and giving me the green light!

Things were hotting up we needed to take this inside. I put my key in the door and I felt is hand on my bottom. I stepped in and turned to face David and grabbed at his belt buckle to pull him in  and shutting the door behind him. We kissed again and again, he tasted sooooo good I didn’t want to stop but decided time was on our side and said I have a bottle of fizz in the fridge would you like a glass? as I pulled away and walked into the kitchen.

Easter Monday Story, Easter Monday –  Story, Full Body Massage Service

David followed me and watched me retrieved the bottle from the fridge. I reached up for the glasses and I felt him behind me. He brushed my long hair to one side and gently started to kiss my neck. Wow, that definitely works, I remember thinking. We paused to enjoy a sip of fizz before stealing another kiss, this time his kiss was really passionate, it was telling me he wanted me.

His hands started again to stroke up and down the sides of my dress but this time my dress was getting higher. I felt his hand make contact with my skin it felt like an electric current running through my body, in a great way. My dress had risen higher now exposing my lace panties, his hand now gently tickling my inner thigh. My trembling fingers start to unbutton his tailored white  shirt and with every button unfastened I kissed his body.

Davids other hand reached for the tie of my dress around my neck and gently pulled it, the top half of my dress slithered down to my waist exposing my naked boobs. With one hand, he quickly started to caress my boobs and soon followed by his lips kissing on and around my nipples.

I removed Davids shirt, he had great skin, a little chest hair and a small line of hair that disappeared below his waistline. It was like a guide, showing me the way to pleasure.

My hands grasped his belt buckle, I was tugging and pulling at it and then eventually it loosened. Fumbling, I managed to unfasten the top button of his butt hugging jeans. David had a great butt, I had noticed it earlier and running my hands over it now I can feel how firm it is.

With our bodies half naked we grabbed our glasses and I lead David upstairs to my bedroom. Make yourself at home, I just want to freshen up a little as I walked off to the bathroom. I needed a wee and wanted to be fresh for what was about to come. As I flushed the loo, David walked in, he was completely naked and oh my what a vision he was. He kissed me then turned me round to unzip the bottom half of my dress. It skimmed my body as it fell to the ground, his hands running all over my body sending tremors of desire pulsating through out. Kissing my back as he lowers himself with his hands either side of my panties, slowly he pulls them down, kissing my cheeks as they fall to my feet.

He then stands up and reaches into the shower and turns it on. Takes my hand and leads me into the shower. Our bodies closely touching our hands exploring and our tongues are intwined. I reach for the shower gel and start to wash his chest slowly taking in every curve of his body before my hand travel down to his erect cock. I take more shower gel and start to rub him back and forth, his eyes close for a second or two as if he was enjoying the experience. I was tempted to fall to my knees, his cock looked just right to have my mouth surround it but David had started to rub my body with shower gel.

His soapy hands glided effortlessly over my boobs and gently rubbing in a circular motion, then down to my tummy and between my legs. Oh my, this was a first, this gorgeous man is washing my lady bits. He’s so gentle as he rubs around my clit. He slowly kneels down, the water is hot as its hitting my body and the bathroom is now full of steam. He’s kissing all around my v-jj, a teasing feeling of pleasure sweeps across me. I run my fingers through his hair bracing myself against the tiles with my other hand as his tongue finds my clit. Licking and sucking my clit as it swells with excitement. His fingers start to explore as he continues to lick my clit and slowly I feel one enter me, it takes my breath away. a feeling of desperate need to have more of him fills my being.

I look down at him just as he looks up at me, I cup his face with my hands to encourage him to stand. He obliges and now its my turn, I get to fall to my knees and take his hard cock in my mouth. As I glance up at him he has his hands reached out bracing himself against the tiles and glass panel. Gently I caress his balls with my hand while my mouth is moving back and forth over his cock. My tongue circles his head teasing him and then back deep inside my mouth it goes.

David was now encouraging me to stand as I rise up, he takes me in his arms, kissed me some more before turning me round. I know exactly whats going to happen now. I placed my hands against the tiles and pronounced my butt, my v-jj was so ready for him. Slowly and inch by inch he entered me until I was completely full of his throbbing cock. Slow grinding movements started as he slid in and out of my v-jj hitting the right spot as he went. It felt good and it felt right as my body moved with his. He started to thrust slowly as if he wanted me to feel all of him.

Easter Monday Story, Easter Monday –  Story, Full Body Massage Service
Easter Monday Story, Easter Monday –  Story, Full Body Massage Service

My legs are trembling and it’s becoming difficult to stop myself from falling so I said “bedroom?”

With another thrust he pulls out and turns the shower off as I grab us both a towel and run through to the bedroom and jump on to my bed. David takes a run and jump too, landing on his back with his hard cock pointing to the ceiling.

What an invitation I thought and I sat up to kiss him while sliding my leg over his body. Kneeling, I take his cock and guide it into my wanting v-jj. Its a great fit! The water from my hair is trickling down my body as I start to ride his cock and his hands are on my hips encouraging my movement. Faster I ride him, my boobs are bouncing around to the movement. I take one of Davids hand and place it against my lower abdomen and ask him to push gently. The feeling is amazing as his cock slides in and out like clockwork.

David lifts his groin as I start to grind down on his cock, his breathing is deep and fast and I can tell he’s holding back. My swollen clit is now rubbing against him as we grind together sending me into the starts and beyond. I’m so close and find myself saying so out-loud. “Me too” David says. I take every ounce of energy left inside me and continue to ride his cock as if it was the last time. My head is faint, my breathing is sporadic and then yes, that feeling of no return “oh god” I yell as the feeling is so intense “I’m coming” as I continue to ride his cock as if to prolong the sensation when I hear Davids deep groans of pleasure as he then cums, a few more movements and i’m done, i’m exhausted.

Easter Monday Story, Easter Monday –  Story, Full Body Massage Service

“Wow” David said and I replied “yes, wow” as I collapse onto his chest. I slid to one side and David wrapped his arm around me as I snuggled up against him. Still with our legs intwined, I must have fallen asleep.

Through the few hours of sleep I had, I had broken free and found my usual sleeping position. It something you do when you’re used to sleeping by yourself. When I woke, I was facing my bedroom door and thought nothing of it until my mind started to play tricks on me. It was in fact a wonderful night filled with every pleasure a women needed after a lengthy term of celibacy. 😉 What a vision this man was sleeping peacefully beside me!

I hope you didn’t find my story too long winded lol and you all enjoyed the read.

Well, so far this morning, its been raining then the wind picked up accompanied by snow showers. A huge contrast from yesterdays sunshine and it looks like its set to get even colder Brrrr. Time to put the heating back on oh and my Bridgett Jones knickers. A lady has to keep her bits and pieces warm 😁

Thats all folks, try and have a great day and what ever happens, keep smiling!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk is my email address to send your bits and pieces for future posts, just incase you’ve forgotten 😁

Easter Monday Story, Easter Monday –  Story, Full Body Massage Service

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