Last Day of 2020 ~ Happy New Year

Last Day of 2020 ~ Happy New Year

Last Day of 2020 ~ Happy New Year

Last Day of 2020 ~ Happy New Year

It’s finally here, “the last day of 2020”

What a rollercoaster of a year 2020 has been! I was in Spain last year toasting the New Year in with family. We were all outside around the pool, Dad had cranked his music up playing all the Motown classics, we sung our hearts out together, we all danced together with much laughter and many hugs and kisses as the New year chimed in.

We all had so much promise as we talked of our goals and ambitions for 2020, we decided that 2020 was going to be a good year and with so much positivity, how could it all go wrong.

As the media broke the news of Covid in Europe, my parents were emigrating to Thailand, a scary time for us as a family, the unknown and all the what ifs.

Luckily for us/me, the worry subsided for them. Thailand took a very hard approach to the virus with extremely strict measures which has kept them safe.

Covid started to gather ground here in the UK, it was the unknown and at times very scary as the media reported death after death. People started to panic buy leaving many stores without the simple necessities such as loo roll. A completely sobering time as we entered our first lockdown in March.

Up until then, my little business was doing ok, I was holding my own and had arranged to visit my parents in Thailand. Overnight it was as if someone had flicked a switch and my life had instantly changed. Life as I knew it had become just a memory.

A forced 3 month lockdown took its toll as I watched the demise of my little business and thank god for Universal credit and the bank of mum & dad. It was devastating and a time of swallowing ones pride to ask for help… not an easy task, but without them I wouldn’t be here today for which i’m very grateful.

In some respects, we were lucky to have such great weather. I eventually turned my mind around and used the time to learn and qualify in a number of treatments. Like so many of you, my garden had never looked so good and small DIY projects were completed.

Then came the announcement of new measures to get us all back to work, Perspex became a game changer but it meant spending more money and trying to find a supplier. I watched as the price rocketed as every UK company scrambled to buy the stuff. Hand sanitiser was like gold dust and too, the prise rocketed and then the wearing of masks. Oh and how they charged and to this day for a packet of masks. My parents today pay 30.00THB = .73p for a pack of 50, someone is making some serious money on these.

With all measures in place, I was legally allowed to return back to work. A slow start but eventually things started to pickup, nowhere close to normal but I was earning. I had resumed my dance lessons with a friend, that was great fun and a feeling of normal.

Then came the blow of the second lockdown for my industry, I couldn’t see the point of it to be honest and it didn’t feel the same. Every time I went out, the roads were full of traffic the supermarkets were full of people and many shops were still able to offer some kind of opening.

First week of December and I’m back to work, again it’s slow but we plod on in the hope of surviving. I couldn’t understand why the PM just didn’t keep us all lockdown because it’s the busiest time of year for foot traffic and Covid loves a crowd. As I shopped for presents there were masses of people everywhere and in most cases, the 2m rule didn’t exist, even though many tried.

A somber year all round really for so many reasons, some discovered they didn’t like their partners, some suffered with mental health issues, some lost loved ones and some lost their livelihoods.

I feel extremely sad for our hospitality sector, it’s part of our culture, a drive out to a beautiful country pub on a sunny day for a pub lunch. A night of dancing to the early hours of the morning or fine dining to celebrate. Will this sector return? probably not as it was and so many country pubs will be lost for ever. It’s so wrong and so cruel in so many ways.

Christmas is a time of family gatherings and again Covid dictated, Christmas was to be a small affair and not what we are used to. Familia’s found themselves having to choose who to see on what day, but then came the cruel blow. Christmas day would be the only day to celebrate, this saw many rushing out to buy xmas trees and turkey to celebrate at home.

The final blow of 2020, the Covid variant. A strain which is 50 times more transferable and sees the doubling of Covid cases rise within a week. Countries around the world were quick to isolate the UK, we were cut off from the world. France stopped hauliers from entering which saw thousands of trucks unable to return to their homes for Christmas, another cruel blow.

Boris Johnson implemented Tier 4 of my area from Boxing day and most of the uk followed into Tier 4 on the 30th.

Amongst all of this strive, a Brexit deal was reached, adding some hope to rebuild our economy for the New Year although it will be a long road.

The Oxford vaccine has now been passed for use and we are told this will be our saviour and hopefully we will all be able to return to some sort of normality in 2021.

A year like no other and one which the History books will depict for hundreds of year to come.

A thought for the government,

Yes, at times we were angry and thought our government didn’t know what it was doing but spare a thought. Would any government under these circumstances of the unknown, could any government have done any better? It’s very doubtful, it was always going to be trial and error!

Good riddance to 2020 and hello 2021, a renewed optimism and a glimmer of light!

A note for you, my readers

Thank you for your support through this terrible year , from your lovely comments, your submissions the stories you’ve told and the laughter we’ve shared. Without you all, life would have been so much harder to bare, so again Thank You!

Last Day of 2020 Happy New Year, Last Day of 2020 ~ Happy New Year, Full Body Massage Service

Last Day of 2020 Happy New Year, Last Day of 2020 ~ Happy New Year, Full Body Massage Service
Let's toast the New Year!

Wishing you all the very best for 2021

Sue x


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