My 1st Post of 2021

My 1st Post of 2021

My 1st post of 2021

Good morning all,

My 1st post of 2021, I couldn’t decide what to write but decided on something general for my 1st post of 2021 and a cheeky pic just for you. Maybe you might be able to relate to some of it or maybe it will bring a smile, I hope the latter.

Well, it’s a few days into 2021 and i’m still optimistic for what this year will bring, although being stuck in Tier 4 doesn’t allow much physical growth, my mind is active with good intentions. I guess thats not too bad and some would say I could be on the right path 😀

My 1st post of 2021, My 1st Post of 2021, Full Body Massage Service


Being in Tier 4 this month isn’t all bad for me, at least it will give me time to catch up on my tax return and get it ready to submit.  I hate doing it and always put it off, you would have thought I would have learned by now to sort it as I go…. I did ask if anyone knows of an accountant but no one got in-touch. Please, if you are an accountant, call me and  hopefully we can start a professional relationship for the new tax year.


In my hast to start a change in 2021, I decided to sort my bedroom out and slapped the plastic and ordered a flat pack wardrobe. I know, you get what you pay for and I always swore I would never buy flat packed furniture again. Funds are tight and I needed a project to get stuck into and, to have a tranquil bedroom. A place where I can relax as apposed too feeling trapped in a room of chaos.

It’s going to be a mammoth task to sort this room out as it’s so small or because I have too much stuff (typical women). I will have to remove my bed to install the wardrobe 🙈. Thats probably the reason why i’ve put it off until now.

Then will come the nightmare of flat packed furniture lol, lots of whitewood glue I think with some strong language thrown in for good measure. It arrives tomorrow so I will definitely have my work cutout. Wish me luck!


I’m thinking of doing a pedicure course this month as I’ve noticed through my massage sessions that most people neglect their feet. Our feet work so hard from the moment we wake but always get the least attention.

Would this be something any of you would be interested in if I take the course? Obviously it would be a professional treatment. I’m sure if my magic hands can work wonders on other parts of the body who’s to say, with the correct qualifications that I couldn’t work wonders for your feet hehe.

Your thoughts and some feedback on this would be great please as I can’t justify the expense if no one would be interested in this professional service.

Quality Street ~ Personal Trainer

Every year I buy the Christmas goodies and stash them away for the holidays and this year was no exception. The sad thing is, I always eat them all accept the blue ones,  they are coconut and I don’t like coconut unless it’s fresh.

The point i’m trying to make is, somewhere in my brain, at Christmas time, I think its ok to devour the whole quality street. Only to cry a week later when I climb on the scales and they shout at me, “one at a time please”.

I ask myself every year “why do I do this?” Now I have the added struggle to remove the quality street which has decided to take up residence on top of my last lockdown failures. Definitely not an easy task when you have back problems. I just never seem to learn when it comes to the festivity’s, I guess chocolate is definitely a weakness of mine.

Here’s a though, maybe I should join a boot camp or engage a personal trainer who can put me through the motions, obviously taking into account my back problems.

I have no idea what a personal trainer charges or how long it would take for an intense course to loose the resident quality street. Obviously because of government restrictions the workout would happen in my garden, i’m not afraid of the weather.

If your a personal trainer and can help me work around my back problems then please email me with your charges. My mind is definitely willing, I just need that personal encouragement. Thanks


Cheeky Pic

I came across this picture the other day when I was searching for something else and thought how can I crop it for all of you so I can keep some discretion for obvious reasons. This is what I came up with, I hope you like it 😊

Ok people I have rambled off enough lol, I will wish you well and hopefully some of you will get in contact one way or another. I always luv receiving your emails if only to say hello.

Don’t be a stranger and any content you would like to send for future posts is always most welcomed. How about someone out there write me a fantasy story? It’s always great to let your imagination run wild!

Email me at

Subscription Plan have you seen my cheeky pic’s recently?

Time to go now and start the dismantling of my bedroom 😟

Take care of you and yours and hopefully I will hear from you via email soon.

Sue x

Ps Thank you!

My 1st post of 2021, My 1st Post of 2021, Full Body Massage Service
Cheeky Pic

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