Internet Dating – True Story

Internet Dating – True Story

Online Dating

True Story


Online Dating

I joined an online dating site a number of years ago, I was feeling lonely and thought this would be a great way to meet people and I guess, somewhere In my depths I still believed in happy ever after. I decided I wouldn’t fill in the description of someone I wouldn’t normally go for, trying to be realistic and broaden my view. After-all, my track record with men left a little to be desired, I always got it wrong when it came to men and ended up wronged in someway, I was trying to make sure this wasn’t going to happen again.

The online dating site was free to join but I quickly realised that I didn’t have access to the parts of the site I needed to, to interact with people. After seeing that my inbox was filling up, I happily paid the minimum fee they asked for. There had to be someone nice to chat to on this online dating site.

I was excited and flattered by all the emails I was receiving, but It didn’t take long to realise that some people were on there for one thing only and others were just chancers. It wasn’t easy to figure out what was real and what wasn’t. Some portfolios had pictures, some looked too good to be true and others looked as if they were older than my grandfather as I initially chattered to everyone who contacted me.

I consider myself a fairly open minded lady and believe that looks aren’t everything, but there has to be an instant attraction of some sort and with online sites it’s very difficult to feel that unless you arrange to meet as I found out.

After a fair amount of time chatting to one gent who didn’t have a picture, I arranged to drive the 60+ miles to meet him. Looking back I was very stupid and this could have gone extremely wrong. In my defence, I thought I could see the area in which he lived and if it was rough etc I would just turn around and go home. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

The postcode took me into a picture postcode village with a river running through it and eventually to a newly built area of executive houses. Actually, the first impression had exceeded my expectations and was settling.  I was a little embarrassed of the car I was driving as I pulled onto his drive and there sat a year old, racing green Aston Martin sports car.

I took a deep breath and knocked on his door keeping in mind I had no idea who he was and what he looked like. A gentleman quickly came to the door and invited me in and greeted me with a hug and a peck on the cheek. He was definitely not my normal type, much older than me but he had a charm about him.

His house was stunning with attention to detail everywhere I looked and so much so, it could have been a centre fold for Vogue magazine. He was an ex professional sports man.

Red wine was poured and just what I needed to settle my nerves whilst chatting away as we sat in his lounge. We were getting on very well and it seemed we had a lot of stories between us. He kept my glass topped up and before long he had lent in to kiss me and for some reason I kissed him back. We chatted some more laughed a lot and sipped a bit more wine and then said would I like a tour of his home.

Eagerly I said yes but that was my curious mind at work, he had a beautiful home and I wanted to see the rest of it and didn’t stop to think what he would be thinking. Every room was stunning and decorated without a budget and the last room was the master bedroom. Enormous in size with 2 sets of french door to each aspect of the room with the largest sleigh bed I think I have ever seen in the UK.

As I comment on the size of his bed, he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me kissing my neck. It was now late and the darkness of evening had arrived. I had, had enough to drink and was unguarded. The feeling of being in someones arms was a moment I had longed for and without thinking, I allowed his caressing touch.

He took his time, his hands gently tracing the sides of my body and inching my dress up at the same time as he continued to nuzzle and kiss my neck and shoulder. I could smell is cologne, a fresh scent as his body pushed against mine. With my consumption of wine and  for some reason, a sense of feeling secure in this mans strong embrace, I gracefully accepted what was going to happen.

He lifted my dress up and over my head leaving me stood there in just my bra and panties. I turned around to face him, his hand on either side of my body stroking my curvature as I unbutton his shirt revealing his firm hairy chest. He took my hand and walked me over to the bed and turning me around to face him. He kissed me again as he enclasped and removed my bra. I fell back onto the bed, the moon light shining through the doors I could see him removing his shirt and then his trousers.

I questioned myself, What the hell was I doing? But I was now in this and I wasn’t in any fit state other than to just roll with it and accept my encounter.

He removed my panties and dived right into my v-jj with his tongue twisting and turning, yes the feeling felt nice but it wasn’t the rhythm to an ending, but it was enough to make me wet. Within moments his finger had entered me, poking vigorously and certainly not giving me the sensation I needed.

He said does it feel good? It’s ok I replied but don’t worry you probably won’t make me cum, my way of being polite but telling him it’s not going to happen. He removed his pants and forced his cock inside me and placing all his body weight on me. It was hard to breath and the movement of my acceptance had evaporated. I just needed him to finish quickly and get off me. My wish had come true and within seconds of thinking this he had cum and rolled off me, I could then breath again. He had obviously had a good time, I hadn’t, we certainly were not compatible at all when it came to sex.

Within a few moments he was snoring, I just laid there thinking how stupid I had been and allowing this to happen just because I had been feeling lonely as my eyes became heavy.

I must say though, when I woke in the morning he was a perfect gentleman very kind and considerate, he took me out for the day before I left that afternoon.

This wasn’t love or passion this was just a moment of red wine and a need to feel wanted and serious lesson learned….

Thank you for reading my story, please get involved and send your stories through via email to in the complete knowledge of anonymity.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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