Perfect World – Fictional Story

Perfect World – Fictional Story

Perfect World

Fictional Story

Guest Writer – Roy

Morning readers,

They did say it would be a wet one today and they weren’t wrong! You definitely need your wellies on this morning. Omg as I wrote that, I just got an image of naked men running around with wellies on….🤣 It obviously going to be one of those days!! 🤣

Perfect World fictional story, Perfect World – Fictional Story, Full Body Massage Service

A short fictional story sent through a few days ago from Roy, a guest writer. Comments are open if anyone would like to leave him a message. Thank you for your story Roy.

Perfect World

Imagine a perfect world where there is nothing bad, no sickness, no decay, no time, no money, no unkind words. Just 2 perfectly formed bodies with no grey hairs or ageing concerns, no aches and pains, no indigestion or migraines, no cancer, no worry, no angry words, no swearing, no abuse just perfect harmony.

A lot of love, kindness, smiles, laughter, compliments, food and drink aplenty for each day that never goes stale. Also beautiful green grass, beautiful sunshine and shade, beautiful rivers with no pollution, endless time for fun and laughter.

The couple 1 male and 1 female have perfectly formed bodies – his 5’10” tanned, no spare tyre, no scars, no need for glasses, a 6/7” inch cock that performs whenever needed and lasts as long as needed.

Her with beautiful shoulder length blonde hair that is easy to keep, a toned tummy, perfect yet shapely ass,34/36 b or c breasts not sagging in any way with the most amazing succulent nipples, and a tight v-jj.

She loves the look of him and he loves the look of her.

As the weather is perfect and there is just them 2 there is no need for clothes and there is no embarrassment. They, each day and night laugh eat smile together and sleep together in the shade.

In the morning they wake and go together to the river to swim/ washing at the same time – a river that is full of beautiful safe fish and blue/green water, after which they lay in the sun to dry without any pressure of work commitments.

Perfect World fictional story, Perfect World – Fictional Story, Full Body Massage Service
Perfect World fictional story, Perfect World – Fictional Story, Full Body Massage Service

With no embarrassment or fear of pregnancy they have learned to enjoy each other’s bodies – they discovered that being kind to each other with smiles, kisses and cuddles, and always being willing to help each other without any thought of unkindness in words or actions just made the day even better.

They also learnt that his cock and her v-jj were formed in such a way that they would fit together whenever they wanted, and even occasionally his cock and her ass would also, and gave them an amazing feeling in the tummies and all over – both being fully satisfied.

There was no fear of pregnancy and in fact she never had to worry about a monthly cycle, and they had no fear of being heard or caught enjoying each other.

They never got tired during the day, never got bored of life or each other – what a perfect couple in a perfect world. Would you like that world and that partner cause I would ?? 😊😊

Thanks Roy for submitting your Fictional story, Theres nothing wrong with wishing for a perfect world!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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