Something in the sky! – UFO?

Something in the sky! – UFO?

Something in the sky! – UFO?


I saw something in the sky this morning! was it a UFO?, did anyone else see it?

The time was about 4.50am, I was laying in bed this morning looking out of my window at the stars glistening, as I often do when the sky is clear.

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I became somewhat fixated on a cluster of small stars as I thought they were slightly moving, then I thought it must be my eyes playing tricks on me, but continued to try and focus.

I was just about to give up and get up when all of a sudden, 2 horseshoe shaped hazy green iridescent lights appeared, one opposite the other. I watched as the one below started to move downwards in a very slow juddering motion. They were obviously both moving as the iridescent green wasn’t solid in colour, it sort of had a wave effect running through the green iridescence.

I quickly reached for my phone to try and get a picture but just as I was about to take the picture, both lights in their juddering state had faded.

I quickly got dressed and rushed outside to see if I could see anything else in the north/northeast of the sky, after 5 minutes, I had to go back inside, it is freezing this morning.

Then obviously my brain starts to race, because just up the road from me, there used to be a huge American airbase called “Bentwaters”. In 1980 there was a UFO landing with loads of media coverage but the American servicemen were hushed up. It’s made many news chanels around the world then and still, to this day it’s reported on and, has been dubbed “Britons Roswell”.

The airbase closed a number of years ago and was handed back to the UK and is now a residential area although the air strips are still there and many of the original buildings still remain. There is even a path you can follow through the woods of the famous UFO landing.

Links related to the UFO sighting at Bentwaters

Over the years many people have tried to say it was a hoax, thats just a load of rubbish! My uncle who was an American serviceman was stationed at Bentwaters at the time. It definitely happened!

My theory is this, If they came to this area before, then why wouldn’t they return?

We are not alone…

Thanks for stopping bye and your continued support.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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