Saturday is here again

Saturday is here again

Saturday Is here again

Good morning people,

Saturday is here again. Crikey, is it me or has it come around quickly this time?

Yesterday, although fresh, wasn’t it a beautiful day! The sun was shining and with such fabulous blue skies. It was just how I like it this time of year. It always gives me a jest for life and I seem to accomplish so much more in my day.

I managed to do all the house work, I sold my car, a gentle work out, showered and out of the house. I took my pooch for a walk, the shopping, grabbed a costa and collected my Dyson after having a service and thats without my online work.

Listen to me blowing my own trumpet, well why not, it was a productive day and if I don’t, no one else will lol

You always have to make the most of the sunshine when you can in the uk, don’t we have snow supposedly arriving on Sunday?

Saturday is here again, Saturday is here again, Full Body Massage Service

Something I keep revisiting-

This is something that has played on my mind since before Christmas and I keep revisiting it. Whether it’s because it was so close to Christmas or because it touched a nerve deep within me, I don’t know.

I was in Aldi a week before Christmas, just picking up a few bits as you do. The store was packed and after dodging the masses, I joined one of the many queues with my basket of a few bits.

It was my time, I hurriedly placed my few bits to the conveyor belt and walked up to the cashier to grab my purchases. I don’t like to ears drop on people conversations, but I couldn’t help but hear the pain in one women’s voice who was talking to the next cashier. She was explaining how her husband had left her out of the blue a week before, for a much younger women and you could really hear her anguish.

The cashier didn’t seem bothered by this women’s obvious plea for some kindness and proudly announced she had left her husband a month before.

I’m ashamed to say, I glanced over at this women, not to be nosy or detrimental in anyway, but because I could hear the pain in her voice as she was fighting to keep the tears from flowing. Her trembling tones of sadness have revisited me time and time again.

I wanted to say something, to reassuring her, to give her a hug, but didn’t want to intrude.

How we have all changed over the years, we don’t rush to help out anymore of fear of the repercussions, the danger that now surrounds us if we try to help and the verbal abuse that can often follow.

Sincere people would only want to try and help someone in need, but most of us won’t get involved for the reasons i’ve just mentioned, and sadly, It seems, i’m also now guilty of this.

It bothers me greatly that I didn’t step up and offer a few kind words and normally I would have.

 my question 

How or what do we do in todays world when people need a kind word or a helping hand?

It’s not right that they should have to google some website to find help or they have to phone a stranger for a few kind words. Whats happened to us all? Where has the personal approach gone and the kind, warming, expression of a strangers face.

I would luv to hear your suggestion to this as i’m at a complete loss with it all.

Like the picture says have a sexy Saturday and have fun!

Please leave a comment on this post, I would luv to hear your thoughts on my experience and of todays world going forward. Don’t be shy, all you need to do is register Foc to leave a comment. Thanks x

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Saturday is here again, Saturday is here again, Full Body Massage Service
Saturday is here again, Saturday is here again, Full Body Massage Service
Saturday is here again, Saturday is here again, Full Body Massage Service

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