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Text messages

Text Messages, Text messages, Full Body Massage Service

Text Messages

Good morning readers,

Wow, what a beautifully warm day we had yesterday and with temperatures set to reach the low 20’s today. It’s possible that we could squeeze a BBQ in and make the most of sunshine before the temperature drops again. Enjoy!

Just a little something thats prompted me to write this post. I’m extremely curious to see what any of you think about my findings of text messages.

Text messages

Over the years and as you can imagine, I have received many texts from all kinds of people. Some polite and respectful and others are disrespectful and just one liners.

Most texts I will respond to when i’m able to, not unless my phone has been off or a lot of time has gone by when I think this could possibly put the recipient in a compromising situation.

Then theres these one liners, I have learned over the year not to respond and now I instinctively shut down when I receive this type of text. Past experiences have taught me this type of text is usually a person who can be disrespectful in many ways.

The chancer

I have found the the mentality of some one liners are from chancers! They think they are better than me and look down at me because of what I do for a living. Insulting me by offering a lower rate because they say, “they can get a full service for a lot less.” My answer to them is ” go and get your full service then!” My rates have been the same price since I started in this profession and if you don’t want to pay my rates then politely, find a different masseuse.

Would you respond if you received these texts?

  • Working?
  • You working
  • Sex
  • Massage
  • Free at 12?
  • £60. 11am
  • BJ?
  • Free now
  • They do get ruder and very explicit

Am I wrong?

My thinking is, If someone can’t be bothered to be courteous and try to engage with me then why would I want to respond and possible arrange to see this person. Especially with past experiences looming in the back of my mind.

You may think i’m labelling everyone who sends one-liners the same and my answer would be, “It’s difficult not too.”

Some reassurance from you all would be great or if you think I’ve got it wrong, then please explain and enlighten me. I would really like and appreciate your feedback on this please.

Last night

Something different, I saw this in the sky last night. I thought it looked a bit unusual and not sure what it could be apart from 2 plains?

Text Messages, Text messages, Full Body Massage Service

Thanks for stopping bye and supporting my/your blog.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Text Messages, Text messages, Full Body Massage Service

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