Sue’s Agony Posts 28

Sue’s Agony Posts 28

Sue’s Agony Posts 28

Sue's Agony Posts 28, Sue’s Agony Posts 28, Full Body Massage Service


Sue's Agony Posts 28, Sue’s Agony Posts 28, Full Body Massage Service

Sue’s Agony Posts

Hello readers,

I received an email from a man calling himself Daniel a number of days ago. I didn’t really know how to respond to his question and after much thought here is my response.

Please keep emailing your questions on any topic, they are all welcome and needed for Sue’s Agony Posts!

This is completely anonymous and all you need to do is send me your question via email to signing it with a username of your choice. I will reply to you through Sue’ Agony Posts at my earliest convenience.

I will endeavour to answer all your questions from my vast worldly experiences of life and if your question is of a type where research is needed, I will do my best to try to discover the right answers for you.

Hi Susy-Q,

This email is for Sue’s Agony Posts.

I must congratulate you on your website, It’s very professional and your Blog has kept me going through both lockdowns. I never know whats coming but I do enjoy all your posts.


Susy-Q my question is this-

I am a fit 52 handsome (so i’m told) man and a widower of 2+ years. My wife’s death was extremely fast and unexpected and shook me up quite badly. I have come through and dealt with all my anguish, and now feel as if I’m ready to spend time with a lady, such as yourself.

I have viewed your VIP gallery and for me, I find you stunning. Reading through your many posts, you seem the type of lady that ticks all my boxes and a lady I would be proud to have on my arm.

I have often fantasied about you sexually but more than that, I find myself wanting, as i’m financially able, to look after and protect you.

I confess to calling you previously, asking a few questions about your services and found the more you spoke with your beautiful voice, the more comfortable I felt and the stronger my yearning for you has become.

I appreciate that this email will take you by surprise and I understand its unorthodox approach but felt under the circumstances, this was as good as any.

At least this approach will give your readers something unique to read and genuinely hope you will consider getting to know me in an unprofessional manner. Let’s spend sometime chatting together over a nice meal and a decent glass of wine? You can choose the venue.

I find you very intriguing and inspirational with a beautiful sole.

Please take your time to consider this email as sincere.

Daniel xx



Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your lovely comments regarding my website, I always enjoy receiving feedback no-matter if its good or bad. It helps me to consider what to do next.

Let me just say to my readers first, I do not know who you are and your email doesn’t correspond with any I have received before, so i’m completely in the dark here.

I must say your email did take me by surprise and you will see that I didn’t post it until now because to be honest, I wasn’t sure how to respond.

Yes, your email is defiantly unorthodox lol but it’s nicely unique as you said…

There are 2 ways of looking at your email-

  1. You may be genuine in all you say and you could be my knight in shining armour with an abundance of love. Someone to enjoy the simple things in life with and ultimately grow old with. What a wonderful thought!


2. You might be someone who is a little unstable, has underlying issues and ultimately dangerous in someway.

I’m not here to judge you at all and  i’m very flattered you would consider me in the way you have, but i’m afraid to say, somewhere in the back of my mind, there is an alarm bell ringing. A lady these days needs to be careful as i’m sure you can appreciate.

Please don’t take offence at my words, they are not meant to offend you in anyway.

After much thought, I have decided to do nothing and I genuinely hope you are a decent gent.

Daniel, If you are as genuine as you portray then please call me and disclose yourself, I’m happy to chat with you.

I have opened comments so if you would like to leave a comment for Daniel or myself please fire away.

Thanks, Sue x

My advise offered is for guidance purposes only

On a serious note, if I can’t offer you an answer, but if needed, I will try to put you in touch with the correct people who may be able to help.

I am not a medical professional and can only advise you from my wealth of life experiences and there has been so many… so for fun, why not ask away and lets see where this takes us.

Do you have a question for Sue’s Agony Posts?

Thank you for reading Sue’s Agony post.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Sue's Agony Posts 28, Sue’s Agony Posts 28, Full Body Massage Service


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