The F**K Buddy – True Story

The F**K Buddy – True Story

“The F**k Buddy”

True Story –

One afternoon

“The F**k Buddy – One afternoon

One afternoon I had received a call from my FB asking if I was able to see him and at the same time he could install some cable in my bedroom for me that I had previously spoken about.

“Yes” I’m free! He arrived within the hour with all the equipment needed to install the cable.

We have something unique, he calls and if the answer is yes then my door is open and he just comes in regardless of whether i’m in the shower, down stairs up stairs etc. There is no relationship at all between us, no kissing, no cuddling and it is exactly what it is, a F**k Buddy although a kiss would help me sexually lol.

The F**k Buddy True Story one afternoon, The F**K Buddy – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

My F**k Buddy is tall with a stocky build and has an amazing cock, I just luv his cock lol

This afternoon I was upstairs pottering in my bedroom and in he walks, unbuckling his belt and then reaching in his pants pulling out his erect cock. Within seconds he had pushed me down on the bed and pulled off my joggers and panties and stands between my legs. He was horny as hell and I was ready.

Eventually, my v-jj allows him to enter inch by inch he slides into my wet v-jj mmmm his cock was just what my v-jj needed. After thrusting away in the scissor position for a while I manage to cum all over his cock. He then get’s up with his rod of steel swinging in the wind and starts to install the cable leaving my v-jj still hungry and wanting more!

I lay there for a while watching him and his cock of course. His arms stretched up above his head trying to fix the cable in situ but his hard cock would get in the way, it kept hitting the wall, he kept moving it but it just bounced back. It was quite funny and sexy to watch.

The F**k Buddy True Story one afternoon, The F**K Buddy – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

I asked him to come back and finish what he started, my v-jj was wanting more action I explained. Glancing over at me laying on the bed he said use your vibrator just while I finish this cable. I didn’t need to be told twice, my v-jj was rabidly hungry.

I reached for old faithful and slid it inside me carefully positioning the rabbit ears on my clit and hitting the fastest speed button to on. Not the quietest vibrator around and within moments he was turning his head round to watch me while he tried to work. I could see his cock jerk a few times as he kept turning round to watch.

The rabbit ears where working overtime, vibrating against my clit at lightning speed. I was close and lost in the moment when I felt his hands on my body followed by his breath. That was enough to push me over the edge. Gently he removed the vibrator and licks my v-jj, wow she still wants more!

Laying on his back I quickly take him in my mouth to tease him. My lips and tongue slowly slide up and down the side of his shaft while caressing his balls, I know how he likes it.

Now, with my v-jj still a wanting, I crawled up his body straddling him before lowering myself down on his cock. This always takes a while as his huge cock has to make room inside my v-jj, but once he’s snuggled deep inside, I can then play.

Play isn’t really the right wording, I remember vividly. I wanted and wanted, riding his cock hard and grinding down at every opportunity until I had nothing left to give. I’m hovering on the edge, my body is trembling and i’m so close but my body is exhausted and can’t move at the speed I want or need.

My FB knows and see this, swiftly he turns us over with his cock still inside me. He takes the lead and boy oh boy he thrusts and thrusts, every thrust is getting harder and faster. The perspiration is running off his body and then it happens, I let out a moan of pleasure as I cum again. Seconds later he’s pulling out and cums all over my tummy, my body constantly twitching and jerking as if i’m a little demented.

My v-jj was at long last satisfied and content…I got to lay back and chill while I watched my FB finish installing the cable, he was still exposed and swinging… luv’ed the vision hehe…

WOW! What a session that was”.

The F**k Buddy True Story one afternoon, The F**K Buddy – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Did you enjoy my True Story? I hope so, it definitely brought back a few stirrings as I was writing it lol.

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Time to luv and leave you until the next time.

Take care of you and yours,

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The F**k Buddy True Story one afternoon, The F**K Buddy – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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