Top Tip – Cushion Flooring

Top Tip – Cushion Flooring

Top Tip – Cushioned Flooring

Today, many of us will have some sort of cushioned flooring in our kitchens either out of choice or because it’s something we’ve inherited. There are many types on the market, some will be thick and strong and others will be the budget end, as thin as paper.

From time to time we will change our appliances for one reason or another or maybe we need to move them due to a problem etc. What happens when you’ve moved your appliance and end up tearing your flooring?

It’s a very common occurrence and a nightmare, but don’t panic, you don’t need to replace the whole flooring. There are a couple of things you can do. You just need Patience and know how.

Repairing a Tear

You will need:-

  • Patience
  • Clear silicone
  • Tooth pick
  • Thin round-ended knife
  • Kitchen roll

Clean the torn area making sure theres no dust or grit. Apply a small amount of silicone under each lip of the tear and firmly press together taking time to align each section of the tear. Using the round ended knife, gently encourage the butting up of the tear. Taking a toothpick to you can adjust millimetres of the tear so they line up perfectly. Gently wipe away any excess silicone with the kitchen roll. Leave to dry and job done.

How to repair the edge of cushion flooring when the pieces are too damaged to repair

You will need:-

  • Patience
  • Stanly Knife
  • Straight edge
  • Measure
  • Pencil
  • Clear silicone
  • Rounded-end Knife
  • Toothpicks
  • Replacement floor tile

Take a picture or a piece of the damaged flooring with you to the DIY store and match up the colour as close as possible. Try a buy a long tiles as opposed to square, limiting the amount of cuts you may need to make.

Clean the area of all dust and grit. Take your new tile and place in the area you wish to repair. Hopefully you have chosen well and wont need to cut the length. If you you do need to cut down the length, measure and measure again. Place your straight edge where you need to cut on the back of the back of tile and with a pencil draw your line. Take you Stanly Knife with a new blade and score along the pencil line a few times before applying pressure to cut.

Once you’ve cut your tile down to the correct length you can use your tile as a guide to cut out the damaged area that needs to be replaced. Position the new tile where it will sit and draw a line around the tile. Here is where you can’t afford to make any mistakes so before you cut away the damaged area just check that all measurements are correct.

When you happy, take your straight edge and place agains the pencil line apply pressure to the straight edge so it wont move. Take your Stanly Knife applying a lot of pressure and cut along the straight edge.

Now you should be ready to fit your new tile into the area you have just cut out.

Make sure there is now grit. Apply the clear silicone under the lip of the cushion floor and gently push down. Apply silicon around the tile and slide into position and press down. Take your toothpicks and gently position the edge of your flooring to marry up with your new tile. Some areas you may need to use the rounded end knife to push in the edge especially if your floor covering is only printed on the top and is white underneath. Once you are happy with your edges gently push the edge of the tile and the edge of your flooring down and wipe away any excess silicone with kitchen roll. Leave to dry.

Top Tip - cushioned flooring, Top Tip – Cushion Flooring, Full Body Massage Service
Top Tip - cushioned flooring, Top Tip – Cushion Flooring, Full Body Massage Service
Top Tip - cushioned flooring, Top Tip – Cushion Flooring, Full Body Massage Service
Top Tip - cushioned flooring, Top Tip – Cushion Flooring, Full Body Massage Service

A Top Tip for those of you like me who inherited a cheap cushion flooring that easily damage with the slightest of movement of any appliance.

When moving any appliance try applying loads of washing-up liquid to the feet of your appliance. This will help from tearing you floor covering.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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