Friday – Mixed Bag

Friday – Mixed Bag

Friday Mixed Bag, Friday – Mixed Bag, Full Body Massage Service

Friday – Mixed Bag


Good morning,

It’s 5.30 am and it a cold morning Brrrrr, we had a frost last night… I’m so fed up with the cold and thinks it’s about time the man upstairs turned the heat for us mere mortals.

I would like to put my shorts on and sit in the sun or get naked and feel the heat on my body while catching a tan and turning my white bits golden. I don’t think thats too much to ask lol.

This is one of the down sides to living in the UK and I think most of you would agree with me, is the unpredictability of the weather. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a meter to fead and could turn the sun on when we needed it. It costs nothing to dream!

Vet visit

Yesterday I popped out to grab a Costa from the drive through and as I was waiting inline, I glanced over at my little pouch. The sun was streaming through the windows even though it was pretty damn fresh and notice her one eye didn’t look right. Bless her, she only has one eye left and through the first lockdown the vet had told me she only had about 2% vision.

Her eye presented with a flat spot and had a thick jelly layer all over the eye. Panicking at the sight as she’s old and I know if the eye has to be removed, her odds are 50/50 wether she would survive the aesthetic. I called the vets while waiting inline for my coffee and they managed to squeeze me/her in for a later appointment.

I hadn’t seen this vet before but he oozed with compassion and had read her history before we arrived. On inspection he took his torch and waved around up close to her eye to see if there was any reaction and there was none. He then placed a dye into her eyes turning it florescent green. The vet then told me that the eye had no vision and would probably need to be removed in a couple of weeks as the eye isn’t producing moisture.

I question his findings regarding her vision and said are you sure she can’t see anything because there are times when i’ve seen her wince etc. He took another look and by the grace of god she did in-fact wince at the movement of this arms.

For now, she has eye drops to help the eyes lubrication and treat the small infection with another appointment looming for next week. ~I really hope the eye improves bless her, I’m not ready to lose her just yet!

I must say though, It’s certainly not cheap when you visit a vet, just the consultation was £40.00. If you have a pet, I would advise insurance.

Dwarf Beans

Thank you for the advice. I need to keep putting them outside to harden off before planting and wait until the frosty nights have subsided before planting them in the ground. Apparently they don’t like the wind either.

It looks like they could be a fixture in my kitchen for some time yet lol.

Tesco Diesel

I don’t travel many miles in the course of a month and always I wait until I have 1\4 of a tank left before refilling. I always top up going by the monetary value of £30.00 which takes my tank to 3/4 full. I can’t seem to compute in litres so apologies for that. In resent months i’ve noticed my tank marker is just below the 3/4 mark and hadn’t thought too much about it until yesterday when I topped up. This time, I wasn’t paying attention and placed £30.16 in my tank but when I got in my car I noticed the marker was way down and now sits between 1/2 & 3/4 full. Has the price of diesel gone up that much? or is it Tesco being greedy with their prices.?

I thought Tesco motto was “every little bit helps” in this case I think they are helping themselves!

Coffee Lovers – Top Tip

If you’re a coffee lover and enjoy the designer sachets of lattes or cappuccino but find them expensive so you only buy them to have as a treat, here is a Top Tip for you.

I luv my cappuccino sachets in the morning, they are easy and convenient for me when i’m busy. Obviously you can’t beat having a freshly made coffee but when time is of the essence, I find theses sachets do the trick.

I started off buying the Nescafe sachets, 8 in a box and would cost around 2.50 a box. This was becoming too expensive if you’re like me when one is never enough so I started shopping around to try a find a bargain. We all love a bargain from time to time.

I was in Home Bargains a few months back and came across the brand “Cafe Classic” , 12 sachets in a box, 60 kcal a cup and all for only 79p. At that price, I decided to buy a box and see what they were like. Surprisingly, they were pretty damn good and now i’m completely sold on them and I buy 4 boxes at a time. Definitely a money saver.

If you decide to try them, please save some for me 🤣

Ok people I have to luv and leave you all now, i’m off to do my good deed for the day and take someone to get their second Covid jab.

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Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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