Uk’s mortality rates

Uk’s mortality rates

Uk’s mortality rates of years past compared to 2020

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I try to stay away from saying too much about Covid because it’s talked about constantly, it’s political  and i’m sure like me, you are completely fed-up with it. However, it is part of our lives and effects us all daily and in so many ways.

The announcement yesterday by Matt Hancock telling us of a new variant, he means a new strain wasn’t great news but I believe this virus has mutated a couple of times this year already.

So with my curious mind, I wondered, how many deaths, the UK would report on a yearly basis without Covid-19 being the centre of attention. My theory is, if we subtract the amount of deaths the uk normally has against the publicised death toll of Covid-19 surly this would give us some perspective of the true amount of deaths by Covid-19.

At no point am I saying that this virus isn t deadly or we shouldn’t take the necessary measures, but I believe it’s too easy to add to a death certificate, Death by Covid! With the media being what it is, they do love to make a situation sound worse in most areas of their reporting, I’m afraid to say, thats the type of news that sells!

Please do not be alarmed by my findings, i’m only trying to make some sense of our situation.

This is what I found~ There was too much data for me to include in this post, so i’ve added the links for you to review yourselves and let you make your own assessment.

UK’s mortality rates of years past compared to 2020 

I’m not going to defend or criticism my findings but I do believe somethings just don’t add up!

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