Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket List

Do you have one?


Did you all have a good weekend? Mine was a pretty lazy one and i’ve been soooo cold the last couple of day, i’ve struggled to keep warm and thats with the heating on…. I’m such a women!

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Anyway, this weekend has brought me to the topic of a Bucket List. I’m sure you’ve all seen the fabulous movie called “The Bucket List” staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Basically, it’s about two terminally ill men with only six months to live, they decide to explore life and make a bucket list. If you haven’t seen it then it’s definitely a must see!

If lockdown has taught me anything, it’s taught me life is cheap and it can be gone in a flash. I’m not ready for my box just yet, there are still many things I would like to experience, see and do.

The thing is, if someone was to ask me out of the blue, what would you like to do in a months time, I probably couldn’t tell you. It’s not until you sit and really think about it do you start to remember all the things and places you would like to do or visit.

Thats why we all need a Bucket List, a small book that when something enters the grey matter you can jot it down. I’ve started one this weekend and so far, I have almost a page of ideas. I decided to put everything down, no matter how achievable or unreachable they may be, after all, who knows what the future holds.

I have blanked the idea until this weekend of having a partner in my life. Looking back on past experience, history tells me i’m not very good at getting it right. I always seem for some reason, to get burnt badly one way or another, so I decided to give up and stay single. It just seemed a logical step to take, but i’ve turned the page and added that scenario to my Bucket List. You have to laugh really, because I think that will be the hardest task to achieve 😂 I mean, he is going to have to be something special to accept my job…. I know, I hear you, it’s never going to happen….🤭😂😂

Come on people, as they say, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”, I just need to win the lottery and it helps if I buy a ticket!

Ok, enough of my non existing luv life lol. So what things can you add to your Bucket list?

  • I added visit my parents who I haven’t seen for 15 months.
  • Safari, hesitant of the bugs but I would luv to see the animals in their natural habitat.
  • When I was younger, I always wanted to jump out of a plane. This one has a question marks beside it.
  • Prague in late November to visit the Christmas Market.
  • Canada, to see the bears fish for salmon as they swim upstream.
  • Lapland because i’m such a kid and want to experience a Husky sleigh ride and to see the spectacular Northen lights.
  • Buy a house for security in my old age, keep buying the lottery tickets.
  • Holiday in Jamaica and have piña colada’s brought to my sun lounger down by the sea shore.
  • Buy a Cartier watch, I had to sell mine years ago.
  • Design and refurbish a house, i’ve always wanted to do this.
  • Have a pair of shoes custom made.

My list is a bit extravagant but why not, you never know where life will take you and it costs nothing to dream.

I think the Bucket List idea is great and everyone should have one!

What will jot down down, I wonder…🤔

Have I given you food for thought? I hope so….

Have a great day people and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Bucket List, Bucket List, Full Body Massage Service

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