Trip Down Memory Lane – True Story

Trip Down Memory Lane – True Story

Trip Down Memory Lane

True Story


Trip down memory lane

Roughly a month ago, I popped out to my local supermarket just to get a few bits. When I arrived I noticed the carpark was packed with limited parking spaces. I ended up having to park close to the road entrance. I found one slot where I could drive through to the slot in front, result!

Oblivious to what was going on around me, I was hunting for a mask and gathering my bags from the passenger footwell.

Trip down memory lane, Trip Down Memory Lane – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Trip down memory lane, Trip Down Memory Lane – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Something caught my eye, I looked up and out through the passenger window. The car parked beside me had a gent sat in the drivers seat and he was doing something, and certainly wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

My breath was kind of taken away as I looked at this gent, he was my Ex, a man I had fallen deeply for many years ago. Although he was 7 years my junior, he now looked like we were on an even keel. Still very handsome but with life now etched into his face. I noticed he was still wearing black framed glasses and he was driving the car of his dreams. I always knew he would get that car eventually.

At no time did he look up or glance in my direction, so he had no idea I was sat in the bay beside him. It was good thing really and meant there would be no awkwardness that happens sometimes between ex’s. What it did encourage though, was to take me on a trip down memory lane.

I started to get flash backs of erotic moments that we had intimately explored while we were together.

I decided to leave it and not make myself know and casually walked towards the entrance of the store, somewhat in a daze, if i’m honest. Seeing him again after so many years had opened the flood gates on so many great memories, and caused a little flustered or hot under the collar, if you understand were i’m coming from.

Trying to stop the memories from flowing as i’m walking around the store was hard. Just picking up a bottle of milk encouraged the memory flow even further. I decided to just pay for the milk and grab a coffee from the drive-through.

I was taken back to a time when I didn’t drink coffee, it seems like a lifetime ago but actually it was only 7 years before.

I remember it being a warm late afternoon or early evening and we were in his kitchen chatting away with music in the background, as we did on many occasions. He decided to make what I call real coffee when I pipped up and said, “I wish I liked coffee, I feel like i’m missing out on the coffee culture.” With that he said, “there is only oneway to start to enjoy coffee, let me show you.”

He proceeded to make his real coffee with a glint in his eyes and wearing a cheeky smile as he always did, his cheekiness would always draw me in and I think he knew that. He grabbed a glass, added ice, poured in a coffee liquor, then some of his real coffee and topped up with milk and said, “try it.” Not being a lover of milk or coffee, I was hesitant, but with a sip of his concoction, I liked what I was tasting .

It wasn’t long before one coffee concoction had became three and laughter and singing  filled the kitchen. We were both a great lover of music and our chemistry was amazing so as we started to dance around his kitchen together. It was inevitable that our passion would become out of control like it had so many times before.

Embraced as we danced, the closeness of our bodies rubbing against each other with the beat of the music. Passionate kisses as our hands traced each others bodies and the feeling of him growing in his snug jeans that were pressed against me was overwhelming.

Trip down memory lane, Trip Down Memory Lane – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Moving my hands up and under his T-shirt to feel his body as he did the same to me and within seconds I had lifted his t-shirt off and snuggled up against his warm body. He then removed mine and unclasped my bra so our bodies were touching. More kisses followed as his hand slid down to unfasten my jeans.

He picked me up and placed me on the breakfast island and tugged away at my jeans leaving me with just my panties on. I looked at him, I could see the cheekiness on his face with a sense of devilment.

He handed me another glass of his coffee concoction and we chinked our glasses before he moved in closer to kiss me. His tender lips moved to my neck, I could feel his breath against my body causing my pulse to race a little more. His hand started to move down towards my panties, tracing the edges then gently teasing between my legs.

On his knees he fell, and mouthed over my panties, again I could feel the warmth of his breath penetrating my panties and exciting my clit. I remember wanting him so much to explore me further. Now playing with my clit through my panties my breathing starts to race. Knowing my body so well, he knows he has me just where he wants me.

He continues to tease me further, my eyes closed and i’m lost in the moment when I feel something cold trickling between my legs. Then his breath, his mouth and then his tongue, he’s moved my panties to one side and his licking his coffee concoction thats running through my panties and over my clit.

He then slides his finger into my wet and very wanting v-jj which starts me squirming and pushing against him. I want him, all of him inside me.

Trip down memory lane, Trip Down Memory Lane – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

I lean forward and encourage him to stand so I can unfasten his jeans and tug at them to fall and with my feet push his boxers down so he could spring out in my hands. Moving in quickly he picks me up and my legs wrap around him.

At that moment we can’t quite get the angle right so he puts me down and bends me over the island and nestle his face into my v-jj for a while, but I want him inside me. I tell him to take me and he stands with his hard cock finding its way home instantly.

Grinding to his every thrust, he’s cock is deep and hitting the top inside me. He has taken me to a high point, the feeling is so intense and i’m try to keep the feeling for as long as I can before I cum. He spanks my bottom gently while thrusting, it tells me he’s in the zone, he too is trying to hold back from cuming.

I try and try to hang on but I can’t, I let out a cry of pleasure as I cum all over his cock, my v-jj is in spasms  and pulsating around his cock. You’ve just cum he states, yes, I reply through my panting breath. I couldn’t hang on any longer. Seconds later I feel him fill me up completely.

With crumpled and trembling legs, we both collapsed to the floor and lay there in the mess we had created. The music still playing and as I glance over at him, he greets with another one of his cheeky smiles…

Omg, what a memory that was in the carpark of a drive through Costa. I hope no one saw my face as I recalled the memory, it must have been a picture! My expressions were probably a complete giveaway lol. I’m feeling embarrassed now just thinking if some one saw me or not….I hope not!

I hope you enjoyed my true story with a trip down memory lane. Why don’t you send me one of your memories so I can add it to my Blog? Get tapping your keyboard and email it Don’t be shy, we all have memories or even fantasy.

Thank you for your continued support, without you, my readers and writer, this blog would cease.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Trip down memory lane, Trip Down Memory Lane – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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