Business or Pleasure – Fantasy Story

Business or Pleasure – Fantasy Story

Business or Pleasure?

Business or Pleasure?

Fantasy Story

Guest Writer

Penny is my PA.

We are both the same age, both married. She knows how to dress, smart, professional and always with a hint of sexiness and more importantly for me she was an excellent PA.

I regularly go away with my work, mainly in the UK and sometimes in Europe, due to the type of work I do she will regularly join me.

When we are away we probably dine together 2 nights out of the 4, talk is normally business but as the evening goes on and after a few drinks conversation relaxes and we are more ourselves. Cheeky banter but that is as far as it has ever gone.

Business or Pleasure, Business or Pleasure – Fantasy Story, Full Body Massage Service

We headed off back to our rooms and this is where on one trip it started…

There is a knock at my door, when I open it Penny is standing there dressed as I left her 15 mins earlier,  tight skirt and jacket, white blouse and killer heels. Penny says “can I come in?”

Penny stepped in to my room for the first time, I cannot deny my heart started to pound, my cock firmed up and my mind started to race. OMG what does she want, should I make a move, will she make a move, is it work related? “Make youself comfortable” I said. I needed time to think and made an excuse and went to the bathroom, not to pee but to check my breath and smell my arm pits!

When I came back Pennys jacket was laying on my bed and she was sitting on the one comfy chair in my room with her legs stretched out with her feet up on the desk. Penny had got my attention, her skirt had risen up and I could see the top of her lace top hold ups, wow she looked amazing.

“You like what you see?” all I said was “you look incredible”.

Penny opened one more button on her stunning white blouse to reveal her cleavage, took off her glasses and flicked her blonde hair out of the “bun” style I had only ever seen it it in, wow I was looking at a different lady.

I walked toward Penny and she pulled me closer by my tie, my face was nearly in her breasts, I looked up and kissed her for the first time, it was like New Years eve in Sydney Harbour, fireworks going off in my mind and boxers.

Business or Pleasure, Business or Pleasure – Fantasy Story, Full Body Massage Service

We kissed passionately exploring each others mouths, I started to kiss her neck and she moaned with delight. Soon my hand were exploring the tops of her thighs while she was unbuttoning my shirt and trousers.

Penny stood up and I lifted up her skirt to fully reveal some stunning black hold ups and matching Brazilian style knickers. I pushed Penny back down into the chair, knelt down in front of her and pulled her arse to the edge of the chair.

I placed her ankles on my shoulders and started to kiss her legs from the tips of her still on patent black heels all the way up to her thighs. I hooked her legs over each side of the chair and buried my tongue in to her pussy. It was a dream come true, tasting Penny for the first time, smooth, sweet and warm.

It was not long before I was naked sitting in the chair and Penny had undressed down to her heels and hold ups, “I hope you like what I wearing?” To be honest I just smiled. Penny knelt in from of me and brushed her blonde hair over my chest and kissed my neck. Penny moved slowly down my chest and gently bit my nipples, i groaned with pleasure and just a little pain!

I had always dreamed that Penny would know how to handle my cock and I was not disappointed, slow circular motions with her fingers and tongue that drove me wild.

I could not wait any longer, Penny stood up and turned round and I could see her peachy arse. I guided Penny down on to my cock, her pussy swallowed it to the root. Within seconds she was grinding back and forward on my cock, I was reaching round to her breasts kissing her neck while getting mouthfuls of her hair.

Penny was grinding faster and faster, “go on” I said, “o god yes” Penny moaned and shuddered and pushed deeper down on my cock. I could feel her lips grip and throb around my cock and then a rush of juices run over my balls and thighs, “God yes” she moaned as I felt her lips contract around my cock again and again.

Business or Pleasure, Business or Pleasure – Fantasy Story, Full Body Massage Service

Neither of us moved for a few seconds then Penny fell back against me with my cock popping out of drenched pussy.

We cuddled for a good hour on my bed trying to come to terms of what had happened.

Penny joined me in the shower as we massaged each others necks and back.  I was really turned on again she could hardly not notice, Penny gripped my cock real tight with both her soapy hand and brought me to a wonderful ending with her expert hands so intense was the experience that my legs buckled as I came.

We kissed and dried each other, I dressed Penny from bottom to top and walked her back to her room.

Next morning was a smile at breakfast and another day began.

Our times away were never the same again, not every time did Penny come with me but when she did we got to know each and what each other wanted more and more.

Business trips have a little more pleasure now.

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Business or Pleasure, Business or Pleasure – Fantasy Story, Full Body Massage Service
Business or Pleasure, Business or Pleasure – Fantasy Story, Full Body Massage Service

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