Christmas shopping guide for Men

Christmas shopping guide for Men

Christmas Shopping Guide for Men

Good morning to you all,

Did you like the quote? sorry I couldn’t resist, it’s my warped sense of humour ha ha ha

Today I just wanted to pop by and help give men a Christmas shopping guide for their loved one.

As a  fair few readers are gents, I thought I would try and help you out with a few words of wisdom today.

Christmas Shopping Guide for Men, Christmas shopping guide for Men, Full Body Massage Service
Christmas Shopping Guide for Men, Christmas shopping guide for Men, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

As I’m a lady and because it’s a known fact that a lot of gents get themselves into trouble with their partners this time of year, maybe this Christmas shopping guide will help keep you in her good books this Christmas. After-all, if your in her good books, who knows what rewards might follow!

Ok, here goes, Christmas shopping guide for men

  1. Today is the 10th December, this means you have 2 weeks left before Christmas day. Because of our current situation with this bloody virus, you guys need to think ahead. I know lots of gents like to leave their shopping to the last minute but this year is different. You will probably have to buy the majority of your gifts online. Stop procrastinating and order now to guarantee your delivery in-time. Oh and check your delivery will arrive in time for you click pay as many sites won’t show your actual delivery date until you have filed in all your details.
  1. It’s always a good idea NOT to buy her a gift that lives in the kitchen i.e iron etc. Yes, she may need a new iron, but it’s going to put you in the bad books lol.
  2. Always, men buy the get out of jail gift “perfume”. Yes us ladies like perfume but it also tells us that you didn’t think either. If you have bought perfume already, thats fine, but buy her a little something else to show you thought of her.
  3. Some men will think, I will buy her some sexy lingerie for Christmas… Before you decide to go down this road, ask yourself first, Is this gift for me or her? She may not thank you for it if you get it wrong!
  4. Gifts that show you care don’t have to cost a fortune and in our current climate, you should be able to pick-up a few bargains.
  5. If you decide on buying an item of clothing, do your research first. Make sure you check the size of a garment she has worn recently to get the right size. If your partner is a larger lady, try not to buy something with horizontal stripes on it. This will make your lady look larger than she actually is and may end up spending its life in the back of the cupboard.
  6. I understand that buying a gift for your lady can be a nightmare as one gift doesn’t fit all ladies because we are all different and thats why you love her. So, here are a few tips to think about, first decide on the amount you wish to spend, then decide on the type of gift. I’m going to use a handbag as an example.

Handbags can be a very personal taste so with your phone, take some pictures of the handbag, front, back, sides, straps. Now you have an idea of what sort of thing she likes. In your own time you can put the info into google and search for the type of handbag and price. Just remember to check on the straps and that they are the correct length i.e hand held, shoulder length etc. Easy!

Just apply this method to any gift you wish to buy for her, you only need to spend a little time to get it right and she will love you even more for it!

I hope I have helped some of you to get it right this year, good luck and happy shopping!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Christmas Shopping Guide for Men, Christmas shopping guide for Men, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

Christmas Shopping Guide for Men, Christmas shopping guide for Men, Full Body Massage Service

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