Exploring Italy Part 1

Exploring Italy Part 1

Exploring Italy

Travel guide of Italy – Through the eyes of a businessman

Top Tips for exploring Italy Part 1

Guest Writer ~

Italy Many Ways…

Well we are coming out of this Covid lockdown here in the UK and it won’t be long before we can travel abroad again (fingers crossed!).

Now I love a beach holiday maybe even the odd Ski trip.

Business takes me to many capital cities but I feel you are a long time dead to visit somewhere and either stay in your hotel or round the pool for 7 days.

If you like to experience a bit of local travel, famous sites, culture and beautiful scenery take a multi centre holiday to Italy for around 10/14 days.

Flights from any UK Airport to Naples, Ryanair are dirt cheap www.ryanair.com.

Jump on a local train down to Pompeii, get your ticket on the day or more advice from www.seat61.com before your go. Seat61 is a fantastic site for all train travel.

Why Pompeii? To be honest Pompeii is nothing special as a town, tourists are bused in from the Cruise ships in Naples to see the historical sites and then bused straight out again but Pompeii is cheap to stay in and it has a great connecting train line down to the Amalfi coast. Two days is enough to visit the ruins and go up Vesuvius, loads of shuttle trips to the top of the Volcano for around €20 or less. The ruins are interesting but after 2/3 hours they are very similar!

Vesuvius is a great experience and top views but take your walking shoes cos the walk to the crater is tough trek on loose volcanic ash.

So you’ve done the ruins and the Volcano, stay in Pompeii and go and visit some of the most stunning views and towns in the world. Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Minori,  Rovello and more. Go in and out each day by train, people watch, have and an amazing meal and drink overlooking the cliffs but without the huge Amalfi coast hotel bills. Take in the Amalfi Cathedral or just watch someone get married, there is alway something to see or do.

 If you have the time, take a visit to Capri a truly exclusive island and easy to reach from Sorrento or Positano. Real cash is needed here if you want to stay but as a day visitor and with no cars allowed on the island bar the local taxis and buses it’s easy to get around. One recommendation is to take the Monte Salaro chair lift to the top of Capri, the views are spectacular.

You can spend what you like in the Amalfi area from vintage sports car hire to Vespa hire but it does not have to break the bank. Sport car is the best but the roads on the coast are interesting to say the least with loads of twists and turns. Driving does stop you looking at the scenery so let the train take the strain.

That’s a quick overview of Pompeii and the Amalfi coast.

Exploring Italy, Exploring Italy Part 1, Full Body Massage Service
Exploring Italy, Exploring Italy Part 1, Full Body Massage Service

Pompeii to Tivoli via Naples and Rome.

Back on the train from Pompeii to Naples. Naples is a very busy, noisy and a city of have and have not. Few hours along the promenade, dock and ferry area will give you a taste of the area however a couple of days there you can see some great sites like the Chiostri di Santa Chiara or the Via San Gregorio Armeno an area of shops and market stalls selling everything!

If you are hungry by this point head to Via dei Tribunali where you can find some authentic pizza and you can’t really visit Naples without eating pizza.

Naples done. Back on the fast train from Naples to Rome, when I say fast train I mean fast train, 300kph amazing experience. Again book tickets in advance for the whole trip or at the information points in the station. There are slower trains but the experience is worth the price. In to Rome station and pick up the local train to Tivoli.

Not many people will know about Tivoli but you will be visiting a town older than Rome.

Tivoli is a very hilly town with beautiful narrow streets, friendly locals and a real Italian culture.

Again 2 days in Tivoli is enough, the key place to visit is the Villa d’Este. Beautiful gardens and fountains in the garden of an ancient Villa. You may not be a fan of gardens but this is not to be missed. Your second day in Tivoli is more about wandering, drinking coffee and sampling the local cuisine. Hotels and apartments for rent in Tivoli are sensibly priced particularly through www.Airbnb.co.uk.

Exploring Italy, Exploring Italy Part 1, Full Body Massage Service
Exploring Italy, Exploring Italy Part 1, Full Body Massage Service

Italy is a stunning place to visit and in part 2, I will continue the journey giving you a few more tips and exploring other towns and city’s.

Thank you to our Guest Writer for this article on exploring Italy, I found it very interesting and can’t wait to start exploring other countries again. This last year has been extraordinary in many ways, we’ve all had our wings clipped. It’s surprising, even if you weren’t planning a holiday last year how many of us now feel deprived and are longing to get away!

Enjoy your day and as always, take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Exploring Italy, Exploring Italy Part 1, Full Body Massage Service

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