Why is it, when we think of Gout, do we automatically think of alcohol?

Gout, Gout, Full Body Massage Service

What is Gout?

Gout is a build-up of uric acid in the blood.The body makes uric acid when it breaks down purines, which are found in your body and the foods/drink you consume.

When your body produces too much uric acid or your kidneys don’t filter enough out, it can build up. Tiny sharp crystals can form in soft tissue and in joints, and may cause the joint to become inflamed (red and swollen) and or just painful.

Gout, Gout, Full Body Massage Service

Do I have Gout?

The character of Gout,  sudden, severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness and tenderness in the joints. Often Gout appears in the joint at the base of the big toe and normally with no warning. It can occur  suddenly, often waking you up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain and feeling as if your big toe is on fire.

To be sure if your symptoms are Gout, a blood test from your doctors will confirm this. You may wish to do a home test, there are now many on the market to choose from and all at different price tags. Check the review before purchase.


What does Gout look/feel like?

In some cases you can’t see anything, when you prod the area where you had pain you can’t localise the area.

Generally though, you may see swelling around the affected joint. The skin may appear red or shiny and the joint/joints might feel hot and very tender.

What food/drink are rich in purines?

These foods contain a high to moderate amount of purines and commonly trigger gout attacks

  1.  Offal
  2.  Red meats
  3.  Seafood
  4.  Alcohol
  5. High amounts of sugar

They all contain a moderate-to-high amount of purines

Can I flush purines away without medical intervention?

Plainly, yes it’s possible but you will need to be strict and it won’t happen over night. The quickest way to relieve pain would be anti-inflammation drugs.

Natural Ways to Reduce Uric Acid
  1. Limit purine-rich foods
  2. Avoid sugar
  3. Tart cherry juice
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Avoid alcohol
  6. Lose weight
  7. Balance insulin
  8. Add fibre
  9. Reduce stress
  10. Check medications and supplements
Surprisingly, here are 3 foods that can help with gout
Bananas are low in purines and high in vitamin C, which make them a good food to eat if you have gout.
Chocolate can lower uric acid crystallisation, according to research in 2018.  Chocolate has polyphenols associated with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.
Cheese Full-fat dairy products like whole milk and ice cream are often discouraged. Studies have shown, by increasing the amount of dairy products you eat, including cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, may reduce your risk of developing gout.
Gout, Gout, Full Body Massage Service

Is Gout curable?

No is the short answer. Patients can never be cured of gout. It is a long-term disease that can be controlled by a combination of medication to control the uric acid level, and anti-inflammation drugs to treat a flare-up. The key to living with Gout is keep your uric acid levels low and this will help manage flare ups of the condition.

Don’t ignore your symptoms.

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Gout, Gout, Full Body Massage Service

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