It’s Been Ages… & Returning to Work

It’s Been Ages… & Returning to Work

It’s Been Ages… 


Returning to Work


Good morning people,

I hope you are all well and having plenty of fun, especially with so many new adventures being advertised everywhere.

It’s been ages since i’ve posted on my blog. The meds I’m on give me brain fog and lots of other feelings too, so it’s been difficult to concentrate. Even writing this now is a little difficult but i’m giving it ago, although it’s not easy. Today I feel a bit better within myself so here I am, have you missed me????


Its been ages & Returning to work, It’s Been Ages… & Returning to Work, Full Body Massage Service

At long last after many weeks of wet and windy weather it’s now decided to be kind to us. For me, it’s been exceptionally welcomed. I have been sitting outside with my parasol up, wrapped in a fur throw with a couple of hot water bottles strategically positioned through all the weather that’s been thrown at us the last month. Why you might ask? I know, I sound crazy right! But let me assure you that when you are in so much pain, you look for whatever it takes to find something to ease it a little and my garden chairs worked for me…

So, the last 6 weeks have definitely been a rollercoaster for me and at times I didn’t think I would recover, it has felt as if i’ve I was placed in a dark dungeon of pain with no way out… The early mornings, watching the sunrise have been amazing though, i’ve seen nature at its best busily getting ready for their day ahead and in some small way this has helped. I’m still a work in progress lol but on the up side, I have discovered a few hidden things about myself.

Omg, I completely sympathise with people who can’t get out and about for one reason or another. It in itself is mentally destroying especially when you’ve been so independent.

Then there’s the realisation that I’m no longer a strong self sufficient independent women anymore and this means I will have to rely on others to do things for me, such as digging, carrying heavy things or laying slabs ☹️

It’s so annoying when you’re a person who thinks of a plan then executes it immediately, I’m impatient and like to get things done. Over the years, I have learnt the hard way, the only person I can truly rely on is myself because people always let you down and when questioned you get “oh my car broke down”, “oh my kid is ill” etc. etc… it’s so annoying!

I guess I will have to take a chill pill and accept my new found situation, but it’s not easy. Lol


Returning to work?

Many of you will be wondering when I will be returning to work, my answer is very soon!

I can’t give you a definite day, but I’m aiming for Monday 14th July. I will only be offering 30 minute sessions initially with limited availability. Apologies to thoes of you who like your hour sessions but I have to gradually ease myself back into my sessions. I wouldn’t want to let you down by not being able to give you the best of me. All being well, the following week I hope to be able to offer longer sessions.

Its been ages & Returning to work, It’s Been Ages… & Returning to Work, Full Body Massage Service

Please bare with me, I just need to strengthen my leg to be able to stand for the longer duration. The nerve damage to my whole leg has been immense.

Apologies…At the moment, I’m afraid I will not be able to offer the foot worship due to the nature of this session and the impact on my leg.

If you wish to book forward to guarantee a 30 minute session for next week, please give me a call. Thanks


Telephone Calls & Texts

I have received calls and texts from many of you, new and old clients and in most cases these calls and texts have gone unanswered by myself. Please do not take any offence by this, when i’m so poorly, one of my coping mechanisms is to shut the world out so please don’t be disillusioned by my actions, it’s not personal. I humbly thank you for your understanding and your patience, and I hope to hear from you all again soon.

Enjoy the sun, a little bird told me that they read somewhere that the uk is going to get 100 days of great weather. That would be fantastic and healer for so many so much. Fingers crossed, legs crossed… let’s hope so!

Thanks for popping in, take care of you and yours as always,

Sue x

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