When the Moment Arises – Story

When the Moment Arises – Story

When the Moment Arises…



One Sunday Morning.

One Sunday morning


I’d been looking forward to my Sunday, the last couple of weeks had been manic, rushing here and there and trying to keep on top of my work load. The thought of doing nothing all day was immensely appealing and finally my Sunday had arrived.

With a yawn and a stretch, I started to come round, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

As I lay amongst my white Cotten sheets just survey my room, taking in what a good job I’d achieved a couple of months previously.

I had redecorated and changed a few things but hadn’t really had a chance to appreciate the finished article. It was all I had waned, a tranquil space to call my own and it was looking pretty damn good.

Eventually, after doing a 360º of my room, my eyes stopped at my newly installed mirrored bedside cabinet.

A smile beamed from my face as I recall, I had dedicated one draw to my lady toys.

Now, I hadn’t had anytime for myself in ages and I quickly had a rethink, no I don’t need to be anywhere or do anything. Today was my day and it was going to be all about me.

I slowly reached over to my bedside cabinet and pulled the draw open.

Pearling inside, I had forgotten how many lady toys I had bought over the years, all with great expectations of reaching the pleasure dome somewhere out in the ibis. Most were useless beyond believe, they just had a great marketing budget lol. Then my eyes fell upon my old faithful and again, I could feel a cheeky smile appear upon my face and a little twitch of excitement from down beneath my sheets.

It’s never failed me yet, it would always do what I needed and when I needed. It’s going to be a good day!

Clear in colour with a jelly casing, slightly ridged with an option for bead action, seldom used and attached, the clit stimulator. Without that function, it would be impossible to reach climax and an array of speeds and pulsating action. Oh how I luv this toy.

I wonder if this baby has any juice in the batteries, I flicked the switch and to my delight, I heard the sweet humming sound of pleasure.

Mmmm let’s do this I told myself!

Pulling back the sheets to reveal my naked body My fingers start to stroke my breasts and dance over the rest of my body. It’s a tingling sensation as my nerve ends embrace my touch. It’s a sensual arousal that’s touching my inner self, enough for my body, my v-jj to be wanting.

Mmmmm I love that warm feeling, that state of mind and knowing my v-jj is moist and wanting.

when the moment arises, When the Moment Arises – Story, Full Body Massage Service

I slowly take my hand and part my lips to open myself up enough to place the tip inside me, flicking the switch on.

Wiggling the tip around encouraging my vjj to open a little more, she’s purring with pleasure and now wet.

I flick the switch to slow mode, it’s enough for now and place the rabbit on my clit.

Mmmm yes, that’s working, I’m not in a rush and want the pleasure journey to last. I keep it on slow for a while until my v-jj wants more.

Not long to wait until I need speed!

I push the shaft a little further inside and flick max speed, omg thats what I need!

The jerking sensation inside me the relentless pulsating rabbit on my clit feels amazing and so long overdue.

Immediately my body goes to the next level, my vjj grinds with the firm but soft shaft and my mind floats of to fantasy land.

My mind races from one thing to another, imagining these pulsating pleasure are derived from a mans touch, his throbbing cock thrusting inside me, wanting me, as a women licks and caresses my boobs. Or maybe, he has hold of me so I can’t move while he’s powerful tones instruct a women to lick my v-jj her tongue pleasing my clit relentlessly.

Oh the power of fantasy seems to take me on a high, my body starts become ridged consumed by pleasure. My pelvis tilted, I can feel the power it’s coming,l can’t stop the build up from racing and moments later I’m cumming oh god it’s a good one! My body now jerking uncontrollably and as I slowly remove my toy I can feel my warm Cum start to trickle from my v-jj.

That hit the spot and exactly what a lady needs when she’s on her own 🤣 A perfect way to start my day 😊

Maybe I will have round 2 later, I can be greedy sometimes hehe

Enjoy your day people!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

when the moment arises, When the Moment Arises – Story, Full Body Massage Service

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