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Yes, I writing about that word “Sex”, a controversial subject I know for some, but hear me out and maybe you can shed some light on my questions.

“Sex” is the word thats most searched for on the internet, the word that men generally think about every 2 minutes and women think about occasionally when she has time and her chores are finished, if not too tired. The infamous word thats taboo to talk about openly here in the UK.

I have so many questions as to why English people behave like this, after all, it’s the most natural thing between 2 people. We all do it, we all think about it, so why is it so frowned upon.

"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service

It seems as if, if we mention the word “sex” somehow we are less desirable as a person, we are less professional in our work and laughably, we are very promiscuous.

Why do the English people behave this way in the UK, because they certainly don’t when they holiday or reside abroad as many of you, i’m sure have witnessed. Is it because we are scared to be who we really are, are we worried how people will react or is it because many English people judge a book by its cover and never bother to turn a page or two. How very sad is that!

Just because you enjoy sex or some part of sex and choose to embrace it by way of talking openly about it, I believe it should be welcomed. It’s another way of off loading, feeling free and loving and accepting who we really are as human beings.

London is our capital, its celebrated as being a head of its time, a multicultural city with open arms to all walks of life, so why does the uk government take such a victorian approach to sex?, I wonder!

Europe as a whole has broadly embraced the word “sex” and in most countries, globally they have gone one step further.

Sex workers

Yes i’m talking about prostitution, god I hate that word. It always congers up such a seedy image when in reality, if controlled correctly, most establishments are classy and welcoming. I have been to a couple myself over the years, not for a sexual encounter but mainly because they host live entertainment which makes for a great night out.

"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service
"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service
"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service

Let’s talk about our national deficit

Our national deficit as from April 2021 now stands at a whopping £2.17tn the highest since records begun. The deficit is only part of the problem, because the government has borrowed significant amounts to finance tax deferrals and lending to business to help them survive. As a consequence, public sector net debt has increased by more than the deficit, with an increase of £344bn to a provisional £2,142bn or 07.7% of GDP as of 31st March 2021. Thats not all, the debt hasn’t finished rising, over the next couple of years the debt is expected to rise in excess of £2.5tn. Scary time for us as a whole!

The future looks grim, I’m sure there will be many councils hiking taxes up where ever possible, just hitting us again where it hurts. If the government doesn’t do something radical and soon, then I probably won’t be alive to see our country free of debt and flourish.

The Solution

You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that the UK needs a different approach to reduce this huge debt so it doesn’t finically hurt the uk peoples pocket once more. You just need to be liberal minded and have the balls to execute a plan to increased revenue.

Sex sells, it alway will and it’s the oldest profession in the world, so people get over yourselves and stop being judgmental on those who offer such services. Whether it’s male of female offering some kind of adult service, they are paying their bills and NOT taking from the state.

The government has the perfect solution right before their eyes, but do they have the balls to legalise “sex” and execute a plan that right for all? This is the answer to our country’s debt! If legalised and taxed (sorry to the sex workers for mentioning the word tax) Just think of how much more revenue this would bring to the governments coffers and not just the revenue but crime would reduce and mostly, the safety of all sex workers would be welcomed.

"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service

Yes this is a radical approach but the country needs this and should be run as a business. Forget the do gooders that like to voice their opinions and i’m afraid to say, other cultures because they have many skeletons in their closets and lets get our debt down and help our selves from huge taxes that are sure to appear in the not to distant future!

What do you think? Am I too far from most of your comfort zones? I think it’s time to put our debt and sex workers first! Have your say and please feel free to leave a comment below.

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"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service
"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service
"Sex", “Sex”, Full Body Massage Service
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