Kitchen Floor – True Story

Kitchen Floor – True Story

Kitchen Floor

True Story



Good morning readers,

I thought I would add a memory of a true story of the Kitchen Floor. A memory which is hard to forget lol, please let me know your thoughts. Comments are open if you wish to leave something at the end of this post.

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Kitchen Floor, Kitchen Floor – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Kitchen Floor

I had gone over to my partners house which I did often and would normally stay over. We always seemed to spend a lot of time in his kitchen, chatting, laughing and playing music. His kitchen was newly fitted, very spacious and open plan into the dinning room with patio poor into the south facing garden.

The sun would stream in through the windows and patio doors, and this day, in mid September was no exception. It was early afternoon, Steve had just rustled up some lunch for us both. I loved to watch him cook, he always put his heart into it and he would often give me one of his cheeky smiles that would draw me in every-time. Yes, It was definitely chemistry at it’s best.

Always we would sit at the long breakfast bar, me one side and him the other. It didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, our chemistry was always electric. A lingering gaze, a brushing touch when passing the salt would always fuel our bubbling fires.

Steve had one of those portable Bose speakers sat on the breakfast bar and he would always be playing music from his playlist. Great sounds always fuelled your mood.

I started to clear our plates away, brushing past him as I made my way over to the sink and steeling a kiss as I went. With Marigolds firmly in place I proceeded to do the washing up, singing along to the music and probably wiggling my butt as I do, lost in the moment of music and bubbles.

I then felt Steve arms around me, my hands still in the sink full of bubbles as he nuzzles into my neck. The warmth of his breath against my neck starts a tingle, then came his gentle kisses down my neck and into the nap of my shoulder and my fire started to roar.

Kitchen Floor, Kitchen Floor – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Photo by David Bares from Pexels

I felt his hands gently stroking my body and venturing south over my skinny jeans and in between my legs as he continued to nuzzle my neck. One hand finds the button and tugs at it to release and the zip then follows. Sliding his hand beneath my panties, with in seconds he encounters my clit and starts to tease me.

His touch is amazing sending shivers of ecstasy pulsing through my body!

Our lips touch and our tongues meet, and my v-jj is wet and wanting. Oh how I want him to take me here and now.

Kitchen Floor, Kitchen Floor – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

It was if Steve had read my mind and within seconds, Steve’s hand slides out of my panties and both hands start to tug at my jeans and inch by inch they start to come down exposing my white thong nestled between my cheeks. Still with my marigolds on, I reach behind me to release his throbbing cock and I feel it touch my cheek as it bounces out.

Bending over the sink and pushing my butt out, swiftly, Steve moves my thong to one side and teases me back and forth with his cock. His pre cum and my juices allow a smooth gliding sensation and one of enormous anticipation.

Slowly he enters me, my face just a few inches from the bubbles, my marigold gloved hands hanging onto the sink as the rhythm starts.

In and out he’s cock glides, slowly and precise. I can feel every inch of him, it’s electrifying and i’m high on desire.  my want is greater than ever as I push back on his cock with every entry. It doesn’t take long before I yell “Faster”  my fire is roaring out of control. Steve excitedly ups the pace and is now pounding my hungry v-jj. With every thrust I want more and more… My head is dizzy, my fire is uncontrollable and before long I find myself yelling “Im gonna cum”!

Steve continues to pound me and within moments, I have cum all over his cock. My legs become weak and then he too lets out a deep growl as he fills me with his sweet cum and rests against me.

Our legs now buckling under our hot session and we both collapse on the kitchen floor struggling to catch our breaths but we manage to laugh at the site of my marigolds still firmly on my hands.

Thanks for reading my true story, Did you enjoy it?

Have a great day and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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