Lunchtime Tasting – True Story

Lunchtime Tasting – True Story

Lunchtime Tasting

True Story

Guest Writer ~ Billy Wizz

Written in his own words, Billy’s account of a Lunchtime Tasting.


Lunchtime tasting - True Story, Lunchtime Tasting – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Lunchtime Tasting

Summer 2019 and the weather was hot hot hot.

I had been sharing some cheeky messages via Twitter and email with a work colleague called Lisa.

Lisa and I had already got to know each other a little better at the works Christmas do the December before when she pushed her hands through my legs from behind and grabbed my balls. Can’t deny I got a bit perky and grinded my cock on her arse as I walked past her shortly after.

Back to the summer of 2019 Lisa and I had been working hard on a plan to meet up somewhere quiet.

Plan set, churchyard I knew, always quiet with no visitors… perfect.

Off I drove parked up, all looking good. After I arrived I can only describe it as half of the UK arrived to park, nightmare. Never seen another car there any time I’d visited before with “friends”.

Lisa arrived 10 mins later and parked near my car.

When the coast was slightly clearer Lisa stepped out of her car and in to mine. She was wearing a beautiful pair of heels along with skin tight white jeans. Her top was lose enough but still showed her amazing breasts. Her legs and arse were amazing.

I had parked my car to give us some cover and with my smoked glass car windows we had some privacy.

Cannot deny my heart was beating fast and my cock growing with excitement.

Lunchtime tasting - True Story, Lunchtime Tasting – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Lisa and I kissed passionately with our hands feeling each other’s bodies and intimate parts. Lisa’s body was amazing and I wanted to feel more.

I carefully unbuttoned Lisa jeans and slowly placed my hand in to knickers. Her pussy was warm, smooth and moist. My fingers circled around her lips  and then gently went inside her. Lisa moaned as I played with her pussy and kissed her neck. Lisa pulled my hand out of her knickers and sucked her juices off my fingers, OMG amazing, Lisa then held my hand and moved my fingers to my mouth to taste what she had tasted… wow!

Lisa then wanted to explore my cock and slowly undid my jeans button by button until she pulled my cock from my boxers.

Lisa then leant over from the passenger seat and devoured my cock into her mouth. Perfect slow deep action soon had me on the edge while I desperately tried to place my hands in her knickers again.

Lisa was good and wanted my cum but I wanted it too!

Lisa knew what I wanted, within a few minutes I released a warm load into Lisa mouth. Lisa sucked the last drop from my cock and then sat up with some cum on her chin and the rest in her mouth. I licked my cum off her chin and then we kissed passionately sharing my warm cum between our mouths until between us we swallowed it all.

An incredible experience with a very sexy lady and something I would recommend to anyone.

With a few quick baby wipes we were both ready to head back to work to continue our working day.

Lunchtime tasting - True Story, Lunchtime Tasting – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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