Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Goof morning all,

Well, it’s Monday morning once again and I wonder what today has in-store.

When Mondays come around I find I never know whats to expect, it could be a day that lacks the bells and whistles or dig deep for its going to be highly energetic.

Nobody really likes Mondays because we all have to readjust from our weekends lol

Monday Morning, Monday Morning, Full Body Massage Service

What’s happening this week?

I’m going to try and accommodate 1 hour appointments because so many of you have been waiting. It only seems right and fair that I should try and get back to normal. From today, my 1hr sessions will be available to book. Obviously this will have to be on a limited basis initially.

A new page is coming called “Couples Fun” This isn’t about massage, this is a completely new concept for me but it will offers the chance for loving couples to explore hidden desires. The requests for this type of session has been huge and after much deliberation and soul searching, I have succumbed. Keep an eye-out, it’s coming soon!

This week, Thursday is the start of another month and with that in-mind, if there is anything you would like to see in my blog i.e competitions with vouchers to be won or something else, then please email your comments through.

Keep an eye out in July, you just never know whats going to turn up lol

Monday Morning, Monday Morning, Full Body Massage Service

Here’s a long overdue cheeky pic for your Monday morning.

Don’t forget to say hello, send me a text or email. It’s alway a pleasure to hear from you all.

Time for me to run now so have a great day and I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care,

Sue x

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