One Day In My Life – True Story

One Day In My Life – True Story

One Day In My Life

One day in my life

True story

When day becomes dusk, dusk become night and night becomes sunrise.



It was a Saturday in the height of summer, I’m sure of this as we didn’t work on Saturdays and we would normally venture out down to a bar by the sea to grab a late lunch. This is what you did when you lived on the med.

It was a regular haunt for many, friends and acquaintance would turn up and join the growing group. Drinks would be wizzing around and before you realised day had become dusk.

Tourists would gather in their masses all promenading, dressed in their finery and weaving in and out of others as they took in the slender of the upmarket stools,  erected for the evenings duration.

The bars and restaurants were all full to the brim with people waiting for tables and the hustle and bustle was loud and all around.

We weren’t bothered by this, we lived there so everyday could be a holiday.

The bar that we were in, by this time had filled beyond capacity with people standing around waiting for the evenings entertainment to start. Drinks were still consistently flowing and when some friends left others filled their seats.

Wearing just a pair of shorts and a skimpy t-shirt by this time I was feeling somewhat under dressed but it was what it was, our group were all in the same boat.

The waiter we had known for years, probably in his early to mid 30’s, a nice guy and worked extremely hard non stop all night and every night. He knew this group I was sitting with and always made sure the drinks were constant. Probably because they were all huge spenders.

The entertainment had started, Karaoke, hosted by an English husband and wife team. She would start the night off with 3 or 4 songs until the requests started to pour in, and they did, in their hundreds.

One Day In My Life, One Day In My Life – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
One Day In My Life, One Day In My Life – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

It was time for the bar to close and for us to move on to the late night bar which we all did. The music was current and loud, people were dancing and having fun. The bar was full and over flowing into the carpark and just inside there was a pool table which was always busy.

The place was packed and the people who were playing pool, some were friends and others were acquaintance. There was no where to sit so we all stood around near the pool table. We watched as Carol was laughing and teasing this man, some cheeky words exchanged and then to our amazement the sex scene happened.

One Day In My Life, One Day In My Life – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing but Carol was on a mission, this was a girl who knew what she wanted and took what she wanted.

Carol had long hair, she was pretty and petite with huge boobs and had a sex drive that would scare most nymphomaniacs.

She sat on the side of the pool table and had hold of the guys shirt which she tugged open. He looked up and around at many faces all watching to see what would happen next. He seemed to enjoy his situation, with one hand running up the side of her clingy dress his other on her boob he then pulled her dress down exposing  her boobs he placed his head between them shacking it from side to side and Carols boobs bounced around his face.

I hadn’t noticed but Carol must have been unfastening the guys trousers while this was happening as they fell to the ground when he straightened up. He was commando which seemed to fuel Carol on. She jumped off the pool table and went down on him, not for long. I  think he couldn’t have lasted if she had continued sucking his cock as if it was her last meal.

One Day In My Life, One Day In My Life – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Carols boobs were still bouncing around as he encouraged her to stand up. turning her around he bent her over the pool table lifted her dress pulled at her knickers and plunged his cock right into her. Carols face was a picture, he wasn’t a little guy but she was enjoying herself telling him to f**k her harder. The poor guy, I think he bit off more than he could handle, he possible thought he was a legend in his own mind but within seconds he had finished and the floor show was over.

People didn’t seem to do anything, when the show had finished they just turned round and carried on drinking lol

It was that time, time to go home, the sun had started to rise. we got dropped off close to home and started to walk to our rd hand in hand. I think the early morning events of Carols pool table display had woken our arousal.

One Day In My Life, One Day In My Life – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

The early morning sun was hot as we approach our house, we were lucky as part of our house and where we parked my car was still in the shade. We stopped and lent against my car while I searched for our keys, somewhere in the bottom of my handbag. He lent in to kiss me and I looked up at him and said shall we? what here he said yes right here. It was early and the streets were empty so why not, no one was about, they would all be in their beds at that time.

I dropped my bag to the ground and we started kissing passionately his hands wandering, my hands wandering, it was a moment of want that just had to be filled. We didn’t need any frills or foreplay, we just needed the release.

I pulled my shorts and panties down tacking one leg out and bent over my car waiting for him. I didn’t need to wait long, I felt his cock slide deep inside me. His thrusts were hard and precise pushing me down on the hood of my car. At one point I heard the hood make a buckling sound, not a problem, it was my old banger. Our wanting devils had taken over, we didn’t  care we were both one track minded in excitement and need. He continued to thrust away, are you close he asked, yes just hang on…

Moments later my cum was tickling his cock and then I felt him fill me up as he let out a huge grunt of pleasure. It was just what was needed after such an eventful day/night. By now our bed was calling us loud and clear…

We honestly thought our antics hadn’t been seen by anyone until we ventured into the bar again. Unbeknown to us, the waiter lived near us and his bedroom window faced my parked car. He had seen everything, he watched the whole episode from start to finish and thanked us for the show with a smile on his face.

If I said I was embarrassed that would have been an understatement, although he did buy us a round of drinks lol

Thanks for popping in, it means a lot.

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Take care of you and yours,

Sue x


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One Day In My Life, One Day In My Life – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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