Stocks and Shares – Cryptocurrency

Stocks and Shares – Cryptocurrency

Stocks and Shares



Hello people,

For the last 18 months 2 years on average, I receive 6 – 20 calls a week from investment companies. They are all trying to get me to invest in stocks and shares and i’m talking about Cryptocurrency.

stocks and shares, Stocks and Shares – Cryptocurrency, Full Body Massage Service

I made a mistake approximately 2 years ago when I was searching online looking for something to invest in, hence showing some interest in one company, filling in some details to see where it would take me and how it all worked. A massive amount of calls followed from many different finance companies. The calls have been a nightmare!

I was looking for something where I didn’t have to enter the investment with a lot of money but had the potential to double or grow exponentially was important.

The stock market has always intrigued me, you can see right before your eyes, your invest go up as well as go down but when you don’t have a lot of money to play with it becomes extremely important to you where you decide to invest.

I think the scariest thoughts of investing in stocks and shares is not understanding the lingo, not being on your game when needed. These are curial points to consider, because I didn’t understand and the more I read the more confused I became, so I decided not to go forth at that point.

However, I did understand that this was a volatile market and you had to have nerves of steel to ride the lows. In seconds, if you don’t know or understand the trends you can literally be wiped out before your eyes. You have to be on your game.

stocks and shares, Stocks and Shares – Cryptocurrency, Full Body Massage Service

After watching many tutorials and listening to many investors all giving you their knowledge of trading to go forward with, I decided to have a go and invested the crypto market, in a very small way.

stocks and shares, Stocks and Shares – Cryptocurrency, Full Body Massage Service

I found an app where I could see at anytime the markets that interested me and I could play with as little as 20€. This way I could learn and understand without losing all that I had, it made sense.

Choosing the right cryptocurrency for me was fairly easy because all I was investing was 20€, I wouldn’t have chosen the same currency I did if I was making a proper investment. I watched the trend of one currency, it was going down and down. I always like the underdog so when I thought it was the right to buy, I did.

It’s great to watch the currency graphs fluctuate, up and down as they go. You can see how much you’ve made from 1 hour to the next, after all, there’s no pressure because it’s only 20€ and if it all goes south, anyone can afford to lose such a small amount and if can’t then you shouldn’t be playing.

When researching you currency to invest in, no doubt from time to time you will hear and see some global recognisable names scaring the life out of you with their prediction. In a lot of cases these people are trying to force investors to sell, reducing the value of the currency only to see/hear a week later that company/person has invest XXXbillion in that currency.

This way of making money isn’t for the faint hearted but it’s fun and very interesting. Do your homework first. Invest in a currency that you understand and you can find out what they all do and mean on google.

Don’t invest large sums if you don’t understand the market and what you are doing and especially if you can’t afford to lose!

As always, take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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