Music – Childhood memory – Love Unlimited

Music – Childhood memory – Love Unlimited

Music childhood memory - Love Unlimited, Music – Childhood memory – Love Unlimited, Full Body Massage Service

Music – A childhood memory

“Love Unlimited”


Good morning readers,

It’s 4.40am, I’ve just made myself a coffee to try and stimulate a few brain cells and i’m sat here at my Mac. Fingers are poised ready but my brain hasn’t kicked in yet…

The sky is black and I can hear the humming of traffic building as the morning grows. I turn around as I can hear a new sound, pitter patter pitter patter, it’s the sound of sporadic rain drops. I love to hear the sound of rain drops as it hits my patio. I think it’s quite romantic in a strange way. My mind starts to drift and memories start to consume my waking brain.

Strangely, a memory of a song my dad (the music mogul) would occasionally play. I would watch him intently pull out his rack of about 50 favourite vinyl 45’s. Carefully pulling each one out until he found the song he was looking for, making sure not to place his fingers on the grooves of the vinyl.

There were many days like that, he had a dedicate room for his music. I would stick to him like glue listening, singing along and watching him as the music would take him places that he would only know.

This song was called “Walking in the rain with the one I love” and sung by “Love Unlimited” in 1972, they were originally Barry whites backing group until he produced them.

This song won’t be for everyone but it’s from a fond memory of mine. I hope you all don’t get caught in the rain today…

Thanks for popping in.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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