Urethral Sounding

Urethral Sounding

Urethral Sounding

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I was asked a week ago if I would perform Urethral Sounding for possibly a new client, obviously my answer was a polite no. It did get me thinking though, (oops here goes that curious mind of mine again) I wondered how many men know about this and have they tried it. I think the later is going to be hard to find out but, I can help with some knowledge of Urethral Sounding and a few pictures to back up my claims.

Urethral Sounding, Urethral Sounding, Full Body Massage Service

It’s not only men who go in for this stimuli but women get off on this too but, with this post, I’m going to concentrate on Urethral Sounding for men.

Ouch, sorry, it makes me wince at the thought. As you are probably aware of through my stories, pain isn’t my thing however I do appreciate and understand there can be a thin line between pain and pleasure for some of you.

Urethral Sounding for Men

Basically, Urethral sounding involves inserting a toy or object into the urethra. This is the tube that drains urine out of the bladder. In other words it where your pee comes from.

This procedure has been around for many years and actually started as a medical procedure to clear obstructions from the urethra.

And when done safely and properly, it can be a satisfying form of sexual play.

Why would you do this you might ask? well, a man genitals is full and overloaded with nerves that give bountiful pleasure. In particular, the urethra passes through the most sensitive parts of the penis, the head (glans). On a women this would be her clitoris and sounding will directly stimulate these nerves.

Men get aroused at the thought because it’s something new, it’s different, it’s on the risky side and if a sounding device is inserted correctly and deep enough it will directly stimulate the prostrate.

There are no benefits from Sounding, but for some, it could be a way to sexual fulfilment i.e less axiouse or depressed about their sex life. There are many workshops and forums that openly discuss Urethral Sounding.

Urethral Sounding, Urethral Sounding, Full Body Massage Service

If your not wincing yet and want to know more…

The verdict is still out on whether it feels good because it’s all down to personal preferences. Your sexual tastes vary from one to another, but if you have an openness to experiment and experience different things then this might be right up your street.

Urethral Sounding, Urethral Sounding, Full Body Massage Service
Urethral Sounding, Urethral Sounding, Full Body Massage Service
Urethral Sounding, Urethral Sounding, Full Body Massage Service

Initially, when starting out you may feel as if you need to pee or you may experience a scratching sensation, but when you have found the right technique and toy for you, You may hit the pleasure dome!

Sounding is completely safe if performed correctly. On a first attempt make sure you use plenty of lube on you and your toy of choice. Don’t go crazy on a huge toy initially, try something small to start with. Make sure your toy has been sterilised in boiling water before play time and start with your penis semi erect not totally erect. Insert gently and slowly as not to cause injury inside your urethral track. If things go wrong, be sure to seek medical help for injury or toy that has become stuck.

If you were to practice Sounding daily, theres a chance your urethra may become stretched so once in while will work with no stretching. For some people, stretching their urethra is all part of the fun so if you decide on this path, take your time and be careful not to stretch your urethral to the point where it hurts or causes other discomfort.

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