Winter has arrived – Lockdown Looming

Winter has arrived – Lockdown Looming

Winter has arrived

Goor morning readers,

Weather wise, we didn’t do too bad this year. t I think we were spoilt with some fantastic temperature especially when they arrived through some of our gloomiest days of lockdown. Here in the East, the last couple of day the sun has fought tirelessly against the rain, but i’m afraid the winter has arrived this morning. It’s 5.30am and I have a fleece on trying to keep warm this morning and the forecast high today is only 12℃ Brrrr.

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Photo by Hannah Domsic on Unsplash

I can hear the wind picking up  through the trees, their leaves rustling together is a sure sign they will be falling soon.

With strong winds due later on today and accompanied by heavy rain fall, it’s also a sign of much work and tidying up to follow in our gardens. Another job to do I hear you say! The rain is set to be with us all weekend but there is some hope for Tuesday with some Autumnal sunshine. Possible a good day to start your tidying up…

Lockdown Looming, my thoughts?

Here we go again!

Should I talk about this? I don’t know that I should as it is fairly political, but because I’m so vexed by our situation i’m finding it difficult to keep quiet.

This is something that vexes me immensely….

I often joke and say “They should put me in power for 3 months”, Why? simply because I wouldn’t put up with all the do gooders in high places that think they should say something that makes them look politically correct to gain peoples votes!

For me with a business mind it’s simple. Agreed we can’t go back in time and change the situation but this is my thoughts-

When the virus started to enter this country why didn’t the government grow a pair and lock down the country immediately i.e

  •  No travel in or out of our country
  • The public confined to their homes for 30days
  • Put the army on the streets to enforce
  • All industry and all business to close with immediate effect for 30 days
  • Designated workers for food delivery drop points to be suited in hazmat
  • Medical staff isolated for 30 days and with full hazmat

If we as a country had been extremely harsh with our rulings at the beginning and not trying to cover both sides of the coin i.e the economy and risk to life, after 30 days, I am sure we would have pretty much eradicated the virus. The country wouldn’t have had to payout billions to keep peoples jobs and business a float, thousands of lives wouldn’t have needlessly been lost and our economy wouldn’t be in tatters!

Agreed, we wouldn’t have liked it but think what a different life we would be leading today!

Now, because we were not harsh enough with our rulings and the government scared of a crashing economy, eased restriction they put in-place. They, knowing fully well that another wave would be inevitable under these new measures.

I’m angry and so frustrated by whats happened and what looming, another lockdown!

How do we survive this again? How many more lives will be lost? How many people will suffer? when I strongly believe if this was managed correctly and harshly at the start we wouldn’t be where we are today….It is so unjust!!!

People have started to panic buy again, supermarkets are starting to restrict certain produce! Are we going to see our shelves emptied again?

I will get off my soap box now, but please comment and leave your thoughts below. Your views and suggestions might help…

Thanks for reading my post.

Take care or you and yours,

Sue x

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