My new iPhone 12 and the act of kindness

My new iPhone 12 and the act of kindness

My new iphone 12 and the act of kindness

My new Iphone 12 and the act of kindness, My new iPhone 12 and the act of kindness, Full Body Massage Service

Hi readers,

This is a true story about my new iphone 12 and the act of kindness which some of you may relate too.

My phone contract was coming to an end and decided to upgrade a couple of weeks ago to the New iphone 12. I was offered a great deal by my provider (EE) when I called them directly and the monthly payments worked out £9.00 less per month than I was paying for my iphone 10, It was a no brainer!

True to their word my new phone was delivered on Friday, but with everything going on in my life at the moment, I didn’t get round to opening the package until Sunday afternoon.

I must say it looks great and feels great, normally I would normally upgrade through a shop and then get them to transfer all my details. Daunted by the prospect of now having to do this myself, I took a deep breath and switched my new phone on only to discover it was the easiest process ever.

Within 10 minutes, my new phone had all the data from my old one or so I thought. Yes everything looked good but when I opened my banking app on the new phone it wouldn’t allow me in. I had to go through the procedure of setting the app up again but because the app was registered to my old phone it would not let me in and came up with a Banking error, asking me to call the bank.

Completely annoyed at this, I decided to call them Monday morning. The lady was most helpful and explained I couldn’t have the app on both phones. I was asked to remove the app on my old phone whilst talking to her, she would remove my old phone from the app her end. I then had to remove and download the on my new phone but this couldn’t happen as the app store would not open whilst i was on my old phone to her through the banking app. She gave me an activation code to speed the process up once I had downloaded the banking app again on my new phone, only to discover the same problem with an error code.

Getting frustrated now,  I do not have access to my bank account on either phone.

I phoned the bank again and was  put in a queue and eventually my call was answered. I go through the whole procedure of what happened this morning only to loose the conversation, as she couldn’t hear me. Thankfully she placed me on hold and within a couple of minutes I was through to a gent.  Again I reiterated the process of this morning thinking he will automatically say “do this and then that”, but he’s boggled by my problem and places me on hold to consult with a colleague.

I have been on hold  now for 20+ minutes and then he’s back, and tells me that he’s been talking to the advanced team. He tells me, apparently someone else’s name is also registered against my telephone number and continues to ask me if a man has had access to my phone etc. Panic sets in and I say no, it’s my number and nobody has access to my phone. Maybe a male family member he asks who has used my ipad to log into their account, no I reply I don’t have the banking app on my ipad and then the penny drops.

A number of years ago, I tried to help my dad setup he’s online banking using my telephone number as he doesn’t have a telephone. It wasn’t possible because obviously, my number goes to my account and I didn’t think about that at the time, It came up with an error code saying this number is in use and thought no more about it.

For some reason this error has flagged up now, many years later and his name shows as registered against my number and is stopping me from having access to my online banking. The only way I can resume my online banking is for my dad to call my bank and deregister my number against his account. I think this is somewhat over the top when they know it’s my number that I have had for the last 10 years and they could have just removed his name with the problem being solved instantly.

A nightmare, there is now seven hours between my parents and myself and my poor dad has no idea how to work a smart phone let alone online banking hence the reason I was trying to sort it for him. My dad now has to phone my bank and deregister my telephone number which is logged against his account. Thank god my brother lives not too far away from my parents and can help with this but only when he has some free time because we all know how long it takes to talk to your bank with an average of queue times of 30minutes plus.

To continue my story, it’s now Tuesday morning and my brother has attempted to call the bank only to be told they are not open…. They gave me the number to call from abroad, you would think it would be open 24-7. Hopefully this will be sorted today.

I guess there is a moral to this story

The digital age is fascinating and works beyond our wildest dreams, but it’s only as good as the operator. My Iphone 12 does everything it says and is a great bit of kit and really easy to use!

My act of kindness tells it’s own story and has taught me, that to try and help someone in this didgital world will inevitably cause me a few problems down the road. Has my lesson been learned? probably not, I will always try help where I can. Until the next lesson….

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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