Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Good morning readers,

This Saturday morning i’m sat here at my computer and i’m pondering about what to say today. Lot’s of things fleet in and fleet out of my mind and i can’t decided ,so I thought I will write a little of this and that.

I know, a typical women being indecisive, but hey, there’s only me to bounce my ideas around with and my dog is still in bed lol.

Ok, here goes….

The first thing to say is ” Don’t forget the clocks change at 2.00am Sunday morning”, this means they will go back 1 hour gaining an extra hour in bed. Mmm now what could you do with that extra hour I wonder? Not so good if you are a shift worker though!

I have just received a costume that I ordered weeks ago, hopefully it will be a cheeky addiction to my VIP gallery. I don’t have a professional photographer at the moment, but i’m sure I can manage a few cheeky selfies for a laugh if nothing else..


Saturday Morning, Saturday Morning, Full Body Massage Service

Saturday morning instantly brought this song to mind “Magic – Rude” not everyones cup of tea, but I can’t get this out of my mind this morning. There is a story there and I will tell you all one day.

I have had many people coming through opting for My Pro Body Massage with great feedback and I humbly thank them for booking and rebooking for future sessions. It’s always a good feeling when my clients are happy and compliment me on my work. Thank you again.

Now something a little naughty, if you’re a boob man/women then this might appeal to you. This naughty clip was sent to me a couple of days ago by a friend. I’m not into Boob’s myself although I can relate to sexy curve, but some of you might enjoy it.

[fvplayer id=”30″]

It’s always just for fun!

Enjoy your Saturday and stay safe.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sue x

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