Not one but two! – True Story

Not one but two! – True Story

Not just one but two!

True story

Guest writer ~ Sophisticated Winker



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Not one but two!, Not one but two! – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Photo by Arianna Jadé from Pexels

This is a True Story which was sent in to me this week by a guest writer named Sophisticated Winker, I hope you enjoy the story and if you would like to leave the writer a comment just register on my Blog first. Im sure this writer would like your feed back.

Have a great day in the sun people!

Not one but two!


Ph is 24 year old black girl of Ghanaian origin, she lived in London for 8 years having lived most of her life in Italy. She has a nice flat in Edmonton and I met her on an online website.

After chatting for a few weeks on line, we arranged for me to visit her at her flat one afternoon.

Ph is a pretty young girl around 5’3″ of average build. We chatted for around 10 minutes, kissed passionately , and then moved on to her bedroom. We undressed and I am pleased to say Ph did not disappoint. Her dark brown body was finely toned and her breasts were large and very firm.

We kissed, caressed and fondled each other for some minutes, I adore foreplay. She then climbed and sat on my face, facing the bedpost. She was so wet and delicious, my tongue was electric on her clit and she was writhing and moaning in delight! After some minutes, she screamed in pleasure and orgasmed into my hungry mouth. I love eating pussy and I was in heaven as she climbed off me, took me in her mouth and sucked my very hard cock whilst caressing my balls. I thought I would explode but she stopped and said, let me put a condom on you and lets f**k.

After rolling the condom on to my throbbing hard cock, she laid on her back and I f**ked her hard in the missionary position. I confess I did not last long as I was so aroused and quickly exploded inside her.

After laying in each others arms chatting and caressing for around 20 minutes, I became aroused again. She was caressing the inside of my thigh and my balls which was such a turn on.

She then gave me the most delightful  wank and I cum over her amazing tits.

We chattered some more before I showered and dressed. There was no awkward silence and the large age gap between us did not even get mentioned. Before I left she asked me if i would see her again when I was next in London and I assured her that I would as I thought she was really lovely.

We kept in touch via phone and WhatsApp for the next couple of weeks and as I was due in London the following week, we agreed that I would visit her at her flat again.

The day before I was duee to visit, she called me and asked how I felt about her friend joining us. I asked if I could see a picture of her friend but I was sure it would be very much ok!! She gave my number to her friend Nn, who whatsapped me a photo. She was slimmer than Ph, not as pretty but she was still attractive and the thought of a threesome with these two young girls was very very exciting! I spoke with Ph and it was arranged that I would pick up Nn from her flat in Enfield on the way through. She explained to me that Nn was bi-sexual and enjoyed the company of both sexes. Ph said that she was straight but did not mind being licked out or having her breasts sucked by Nn. Nn, then whatsapped me and asked me if it was ok to bring her vibrator? Who was I to refuse!!

The next morning I was leaving, Nn messaged me again to say how sorry she was but her period had arrived that morning and she fully understood if I didn’t  want to meet her that day! I advised her that obviously I wouldn’t  F**k her her or go down on her but if she was happy to kiss and caress then it was fine by me. We agreed to go ahead with the arrangement.

When I picked her up she was wearing very tight black jeans and a black top that was semi see through and although she wasn’t massively endowed her breasts looked pert, firm and very inviting.

I drove to pick Ph up from her place of work (she had the afternoon off) Nn and I chattered again with no awkward silence , in fact we were laughing and joking. I collected Ph and we drove straight to her flat. When we got there Ph went and showered and freshened up whilst Nn and I let our tongues get fully acquainted with each other, she was a great kisser, her tongue really liked to probe and her full lips were very hot!

Not one but two!, Not one but two! – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Ph came through to the bedroom naked and laid on the bed, I quickly got undressed and joined her, we began kissing and caressing. Nn having left the room came back in wearing a white t shirt and a pair of sports type shorts. I told her to take her top off and she duly obliged. She climbed on the bed and I immediately put my mouth round one of her very errect nipples, her breasts were not gig but very firm and inviting.

After a few moments, she said “ph sit on his face”  and Ph proceeded to sit on my face and writhe wet and hot on my very eager to please tongue. Nn then took me in her hands and mouth and I have to say gave me the most pleasurable  blow job! I cum deep into her throat and she licked me clean!

I lied back feeling very pleasured as Nn then took her vibrator to Ph’s very wet pussy. After a few minutes I became excited again and was kissing Ph and fingering her together with Nn and the vibrator. This went on for some time and I was fully recovered and very hard. Ph and Nn then both went down on me, simultaneously kissing my shaft and caressing my balls! They were a great double act. Ph then slipped a condom over my cock climbed on me and rode me til I cum again!

I then lied back and watched as they kissed, caressed and pleasured each other, it was very erotic.

After they had satisfied each other, Nn got up, quickly dressed and went outside for a cigarette.

Ph pulled me to her and we lie in each others arms naked, kissing and caressing.

I then had a shower and dressed as I had to take Nn home, she was working that evening as a carer.

It was a very erotic and satisfying afternoon. I was in a daze as I drove the 2 hours home.

From: Sophisticated Winker.

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Not one but two!, Not one but two! – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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Not one but two!, Not one but two! – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Not one but two!, Not one but two! – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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