Good Morning People

Good Morning People

Good Morning People


Do you have that Monday feeling? I do… I need more coffee!

Good Morning People, Good Morning People, Full Body Massage Service
Good Morning People, Good Morning People, Full Body Massage Service


Did you all have a good weekend? Saturday, the weather turned out lovely and warm but wasn’t Sunday a let down! I actually felt really cold at times on Sunday. I’m afraid my weekend wasn’t that interesting, sorting my back garden out and a 2hour grooming session on my pooch. Needles to say, my pooch wasn’t impressed and I was top of her hate list for most of Sunday.

Is anyone experiencing man eating spiders in your homes? I really hate spiders! grrr… If they are outside not a problem but when the man eating spiders and I mean HUGE come into my space they have to go. I have had 3 of these Huge monsters in the last couple of weeks. Saturday night I was laying in bed just catching up on a few emails then i took my glasses off and turned around and saw something dark on my curtains. I couldn’t make it out so reached for my glasses again and there was this man eating spider climbing up my curtain. Not impressed! I quickly went down stairs to grab my hoover but by the time I got back it had gone. Needless to say, my nights of sleep wasn’t great. All I kept thinking about was this man eater and I had visions of it sitting on my bed, it was massive. I spent Sunday morning looking for it but I couldn’t find it. No doubt it will appear again soon and scare the life out of me.

Do you remember the post I wrote about Dogging ? Well, it seems that this post keeps coming back to haunt me… I keep getting calls asking me to go dogging… Ok, yes I have a curious mind and that gets me into trouble lol but, let me just say “I am not a dogger” Yes I went, Yes I saw but, it’s not for me… phew, just had to get that off my chest 🤣

Ok people, I have a live lesson this morning so that’s going to be fun and mind taxing at the sometime lol oh the things I get myself into…I have to run now but I’m leaving you a little image so you don’t forget me.

Coming soon!

It’s been finically difficult these past few months so, I’ve decided to help out and offer you all a discount voucher on my Sensual Full Body massage services with Tantric/Yoni motion.

Keep an eye out for my discount voucher, it could appear at anytime!

Good Morning People, Good Morning People, Full Body Massage Service
Good Morning People, Good Morning People, Full Body Massage Service

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Have a great day people and hopefully I will see you all soon!

Take care of you and yours.

Sue x

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