Remembering 50 Shades of Grey

Remembering 50 Shades of Grey

Remembering, “50 Shades of Grey”

Remembering “50 Shades of Grey”

True story


Good morning,

I’ve just been recalling a memory, one night when 50 shades of grey possibly became 51 lol Here’s a memory of an intense moment with a lesson learned.

Remembering “50 Shades of Grey” or in my case, was it 51?

I remember buying the 1st book, 50 shades of grey only because the hype that surround this book was enormous as i’m not a huge book reader. The media were reporting of women going crazy about the content and mentioning a red room.

You all must know by now how curious my mind can be, I had to buy a copy to read for myself and to see what all the fuss was about. Gone were the days of the romantic novels of Mills & Boon that my mother would read, here was a book written by a woman for women, a story about taboo sexual acts written with eroticism running through it.

I read the book from cover to cover, yes it was all the above cleverly written for women, although I didn’t learn anything new. I put all the hype down to women of a certain generation or was I so different? Because of my curios mind, as I grew, I wanted to explore and experience different things… I thought that was normal behaviour, maybe i’m wrong.

50 Shades of Grey the movie was playing at a local cinema and I remember you had to book your tickets to guarantee entry due to the demand. My boyfriend had asked if I wanted to go and I said “yes, why do you want to”? He said yes he would like to see what all the fuss was about.

We arrived at the cinema both eager to see the movie. A long queue had formed of both men and women, all waiting patiently to gain entry. As we had booked online we were able to jump the queue and so we thought, grab the seats we wanted.

Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Full Body Massage Service

We were led to the auditorium and when the attendant opened the door we were surprised to see so many people already seated, there weren’t many seat left. By the start of the movie, it was a full house!

The movie had begun, our hands rested upon each others legs under the coats we had worn and as the movie started to heat up so did our hands start to move. Now and then I would catch a glimpse of Steve looking at me to see my expressions as the movie delved deeper into desire.

I slowly moved my hand up towards his crotch as not to bring any attention to us and noticed the movie was having an effect, Steve’s cock was hard!

I couldn’t stop myself, I started to rub him whilst fixated on the movie and after a minute or two, discreetly, I managed to unfasten his jeans one-handed.

With a little more encouragement his cock was in my hand. I gently played and teased with him for the duration of the movie. There were a few times his hand would stop mine from moving and we all know why that was.

Before we realised, the movie had finished and people were leaving, our row was full but Steve’s jeans were undone. A funny moment watching him stand holding onto his jeans and trying to fasten them discreetly.

Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Full Body Massage Service

Hand in hand we walked back to the car stealing a kiss before we both got in. “Did you enjoy the movie?” I asked and with cheeky grin he replied “which part?” The drive home would take about 20 mins. Steve cranked up the tunes and off we drove with my hand on his leg (my hand on his leg was my standard procedure).  This time was different, he had taken the lead, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock ( we had unfinished business ).

Instantly he regained his stature, throbbing away as I began teasing him. I stopped for a moment to remove my coat and then quickly, before he could do anything, delved my head beneath his arms to take his cock in my mouth.

I felt the car sway a little and then reduce in speed as my tongue tickled and teased around his cock. A spontaneous moment as his cock went deeper into my mouth with my hand moving in sink with my lips.

Although Steve was enjoying himself, we were now only a few miles from his and he asked me to stop or he would cum and he didn’t want to cum at that moment.

On entering, he had locked the door behind us, coats off and towards me he came with that cheeky look. Our lips locked passionately and our tongue danced in-tune. His lips then engulfed my neck and traveled down to my bare shoulder, encouraged by my jumper being an off the shoulder design.

His lips bucked up tingling shivers of desire to rage through my body, I knew at that moment this was the start of a no return situation, it was intense.

Our intense feelings were of animal instincts, we wanted, we needed, we were doing this!

In the hall of his house, our hands pulled at each others clothes. Jumpers off, he removed my bra, jean down. My jeans were skinny so, butt naked he stood and grabbed the ankles of my jean and with a massive tug I too was naked.

I was sat on the stair as he came into kiss me some more, his had straight to my v-jj and slid his finger deep inside me while his lips traveled down my body. Hi s finger deep and firmly inside me his tongue danced on my clit.

I didn’t need foreplay, I wanted him inside me, I was ripe for the taking!

I ordered him to take me now and within seconds his throbbing cock had found its way into my v-jj. Holding my arms above my head as he thrusted back and forth. My back was hitting the step with every thrust he took although painful, the desire to have him inside me was greater.

I think Steve could see what was happening he stopped and turned me round so I was now on all fours but still on the stairs. My butt now in the air as he took me from behind and moving against his cock withy every thrust.

My body enjoying all that he could muster, “more” I cried, the closer to the edge I got. Steve’s thrust were hard and fast, and I could hear him gasping for breath. “Im close, don’t stop” I yelled and with a few more intense thrust my body gave in and I collapsed in a jerking fashion on the stairs as I cum all over his cock. Seconds later Steve joined me and filled my v-jj  with cum as he too collapses on top of me.

We lay in that position for a while, my v-jj doing aerobic spasms and his cock pulsating still inside me. I can now start to feel a burning sensation on my back, I need to move. Steve  kisses my shoulder as he sits back to look at my back. I had a 3inch long by 1 inch wide carpet burn, I had removed the skin and a red shiny area had appeared.

Isn’t it strange how the feelings of desire overtake the feelings of pain, initially as we started our pleasure it hurt a little, but nothing like the pain I was now experiencing!

It took a few weeks for my back to heal. Another lesson learned, be a grownup and wait to scum to intense passion…lol

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Sue x

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Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Full Body Massage Service
Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Remembering 50 Shades of Grey, Full Body Massage Service

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  1. Sue, this does bring back a few memories for me on the film and driving while not fully focused!
    A numbers of years ago a friend of mine was stroking my leg while I was driving, this soon moved to my cock and how I managed to drive a car while she gave me a BJ I will never know! When I unloaded into her mouth I struggled to control my legs let alone steer the car!
    50 shades! Remember going to see the first film with a group of couples. Ladies were all excited after reading all the books, us men were more inquisitive.
    2 hours of my life I would never get back! At the end the ladies going “OMG”, “Wow” until the conversation came to “who would be up for any of what they saw?” Not one of them and I knew that was the truth as 4/5 partners had no sex life in the marriages!!! Great to have fantasies just hope some can come true or be experienced.

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