Spring Morning

Spring Morning

       Spring Morning

Spring Morning

A happy spring morning to you all,

The birds are sing in chorus, extremely loudly this morning. The air smells clean and fresh and to top it off we have beautiful sunshine forecast all day. What more could anyone want in the latter weeks of lockdown? “A heatwave would be good” I hear some of you say and I would agree with you, a good dose of Vitamin D is definitely needed…

Slug rings

So far so good, my lupins are still in one piece and thriving well. The slug rings seem to be doing their job and if anything changers I will let you know.

Job vacancy 

The job vacancy i’m offering is for maintenance of my website. Nobody has responded as yet which I find strange under the current situation. If anyone can suggest a platform where I can post the job vacancy please get in-touch. This is a guaranteed job for the right person and is urgently needed.


Easter is early this year, with Good Friday happening on the 2nd April. It’s not celebrated by all UK residents because of the religious embodiment. The shops selling Easter Eggs tell another story. I bought some Easter Eggs for family members a few days ago, encouraged by how empty the shelves were looking at the time. The shelves definitely implied that most people were buying Easter Eggs. If you haven’t bought yours yet, I suggest you get them soon.


The 12th April is the date for me to reopen and i’m currently taking advanced bookings for that date onwards. However, this date is subject to the government data. There seems to be much speculation swirling around in the media about this date, will it happen, won’t it happen but I believe it’s just the media scare mongering again.

Some reporters are suggesting because of the 3rd wave now hitting Europe that Boris Johnson won’t lift the restriction on the said date, out of concerns the wave will arrive in the UK. A gloomy thought and not one I wish to dwell over, as i’m sure, many of you feel the same.

With 50% of the adult population now vaccinated surely we are on our way to some normality and the 12th April will go ahead as planned. Staying positive with my glass half full.

Article’s and Stories

I enjoy an interesting article, they come in an array of topics from health, gardening, nature to mechanics and cars. Someone out there, i’m sure, has some interesting news to share with us all. Maybe it’s something you do as part of your daily life and just take it for granted that we would all know about it and have decided that it’s not interesting. Thats not always the case, have ago, even if you just send me bullet points. I’m happy to do the rest.

Your stories are something else, they are unique to you and will encumber your thoughts, emotions and of course, your experiences. Whether they are funny, sexy or sad, we the readers would like to read them.

We all have loads of stories hidden within us and the best thing is you don’t need to be a writer to have ago. Discretion is always paramount and they can be written anonymously, just remember to change peoples names and location. Go on people, submit a story or two for my readers, I/we would luv to read your stories.

Spring Morning, Spring Morning, Full Body Massage Service

Just for fun!

Ok people it’s time for me to luv and leave you.

It’s going to be a sun filled day so try to get out and enjoy the weather.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

All your submissions for future posts can be emailed to me at contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

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Spring Morning, Spring Morning, Full Body Massage Service
Spring Morning, Spring Morning, Full Body Massage Service
Spring Morning, Spring Morning, Full Body Massage Service

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