Sending a parcel abroad

Sending a parcel abroad

Sending a parcel abroad

Good morning readers,

As Christmas approaches, It’s that time of year again and if you are likes me, having loved ones living around the globe, you will be thinking about sending a parcel abroad.

It can become expensive, you buy the gift and then comes the hefty price of sending your parcel.

Sending a parcel abroad, Sending a parcel abroad, Full Body Massage Service

I have sent parcels internationally a number of times this year, but just recently, I was caught out and wanted to share a couple of tips with you to try and save you a few £££’s. Yes £££’s and not pence as these mailing companies really know how to charge and their prices have gone up over the last few weeks.

In September I was doing my normal shop over at Tesco and they had a good sale on, I ended up buying a boxed car and track for a two year old at nearly 50% off. Bargain, my nephew will love this for Christmas. I was so wrapped up in buying a great gift for a low price, I didn’t give any thought to how difficult this would be to send. I just assumed  like all my other parcels, I would send this through the postoffice as I’ve done countless times before.

Now in November, it’s time to wrap my parcel for my nephew in bubble plastic then brown paper and making sure there are no batteries contained within the gift.

Marching over to my local postoffice with my neatly wrapped parcel plus one other, I placed my nephews parcel on the scales first and tell them the destination as normal. I’m grunted at by a very sour faced women who tells me “can’t send this” but why I ask, I always send my parcel from here. It’s too heavy! but I have sent loads of parcels through here before all of different weights. No, we can’t take it, if it was 500g less we could, my parcel weighed 2.45 kg.

Not to cause a scene, I removed the parcel from the scales and placed my other parcel weighing in at 1.111kg. I always pay a little extra to get my parcels tracked and signed for as parcels go missing internationally fairly frequently if not.

I was then told the price £22.90, “crikey” I said, have your prices gone up? A young lad piped up and said yes a couple of weeks ago. I paid my money and left thinking how am I going to send my nephews Christmas present.

DHL drop off couldn’t scan the barcode it wasn’t accepted, they tried inputting the details manually only to end up telling me my parcel would cost £200. to send. The agent was very helpful and phoned DHL and after a discussion passed the phone to me. This is when I was told of all the sites online that are splashed with DHL and their colours but it’s not DHL and my parcel would indeed cost £200.00 to send as it had to go in one of their boxes.

This is how they get to charge so much, their boxes are square in size and my box was 18 x 13 x 6 inches so would only fit in their biggest. I did explain that I didn’t want their packaging and I was happy for delivery to take up to a couple of weeks but their policy is, it has to be packed in their boxes.

I politely said thank you but no thank you, £200.00 to send a parcel was crazy money and I couldn’t see how this was acceptable and left with my parcel.

Sending a parcel abroad, Sending a parcel abroad, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When I got home I scoured the internet looking for the best price. I was asked to put my postcode in then the dimensions, weight and if i was using my own packaging and was offered an instant quote of £49.95 through DHL or so I thought.

Apparently many sites are splashed with DHL in red and yellow offering great deals but they are not really DHL as I found out when I entered the postal address and printed off my acceptance with a unique barcode to take to the shop and pay.

I walked back to the carpark and again I searched online for a company that would send my parcel at a sensible or fair price. I ended up using parcel force and going through a post office for £59.00. still a lot of money!

Logically you may be thinking I should have bought something else but, If I had it would have probably cost me the same in the end. The only options really as to pay for my parcel or not to send anything at all. I couldn’t not send my nephew a Christmas present, that not the way i’m made.

So to save you money, buy a soft gift without packaging or a small gift that weighs under 2kg that can be sent through your postoffice.

Another lessons I have leant, I certainty won’t be making this mistake again….. Grrr

Let’s hope this post saves you some £££’s

Thanks for stopping by

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Sending a parcel abroad, Sending a parcel abroad, Full Body Massage Service

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