Slugs ~ Gardening Tip

Slugs ~ Gardening Tip

Slugs Gardening Tip, Slugs ~ Gardening Tip, Full Body Massage Service

Slugs ~ Gardening Tip

Good morning all,

Gardening tip for when the snow clears.

Obviously, if your garden is under a foot of snow and more in places like mine is then gardening becomes a ridiculous thought and if seen gardening in the snow, someone might call for a straight jacket, so it’s not advised at the moment 🤣

However, theres nothing wrong with getting a few bits for when you can start pottering. They do say when starting something that preparation is always key!

Last year I bought 4 established Lupin plants, they were young, standing apporx 12+ inches, strong and healthy. I wanted something tall and full of colour at the far end of my garden.

I prepared the soil and dug the holes ready to plant. With much luv and care, placing fingers either side of their stems, a squeeze of their pots, I managed to release them undamaged. I then teased the roots a little to give them a good start, placed them in the holes I had prepared and beaded them in followed by a good watering.

I stood back and admired my new additions and patting myself on the back for a job well done.

Over the next 5-7 days, each morning I would wander up the garden feed the fish and check on my new additions. They had quickly become rooted and started to give off new leaves. I was very happy and couldn’t wait to see them grow and bloom.

The next morning I wondering up the garden, I noticed that my lupins appeared to have shrunk in size and as I got closer to inspect, I could see that all that seemed to be left were 4 stalks covered by a sticky residue.

Slugs Gardening Tip, Slugs ~ Gardening Tip, Full Body Massage Service

The slugs had attacked with a vengeance and had a tasty meal of Lupins for an evening snack! I was angry that they had been devoured in one evening. I washed the stems off and tried to save what was left, hoping they would recover but they just died where they sat.

Last Friday I bought 4 more Lupin plants, great price £11.00 for 4 plants from B&Q and before you all say anything, I had to pick something up and while I was there saw the plants.

I haven’t planted them yet for obvious reasons but decided I would do some research on protecting my lupins from slugs having their gourmet meal of my Lupins.

I came across copper rings with great reviews. I noticed there were many outlets on the bandwagon all selling these but with further research, looking for the best buy for my money, I found the actual company.

I order a set of 6 17cm/7inch in diameter copper slug rings including shipping and tax the total price was £22.99 In my logical thinking, these rings will probably last my life time, so, they will become a good investment over the years to come.

They arrived promptly and boxed professionally, you always get what you pay for these days.

Here is their link

Now i’m prepared and ready for the gourmet eating slippery suckers!

I enjoy seeing a manicured garden and for me it’s become a way of releasing stress and allowing myself to think while pottering. When it comes to trying something new, like veg or my lupins, trial and error, for me has been costly over the years, one way or another and i’m sure i’m not alone.

Which now brings me here, I know many of you don’t send in things, but it would be nice if any of you have any tips on any subject that I can incorporate into future posts.

If it manages to help someone and save them on a costly exercise then why not send your tips through to me at Thank you x

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and hopefully it will help someone from an invasion of gourmet eating slugs.

Have a great day and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Slugs Gardening Tip, Slugs ~ Gardening Tip, Full Body Massage Service
Slugs Gardening Tip, Slugs ~ Gardening Tip, Full Body Massage Service

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