When 2 become 3

At some point in your life, a Three-way will have crossed your mind at sometime. From the research I’ve come across, it’s believed 80% of men and 30% women would definitely engage in a Three-way. Maybe it’s a fleeting thought or maybe because it’s something that you really want to experience.

We tend to conjure up wild fantasies of heightened pleasures with the expectations of the Three-way being the greatest experience to have. But thats not always reality!

The pursuit of a Three-way

I have read many women’s s accounts of a Three-way. Some women’s experiences were planned and some just happened after a party etc. Most of their experiences were positive, with some women saying they enjoyed it and have engaged in a three-way often. Others saying it was a different kind of experience, but now having done it, they’ve  just ticked the box and moved on.

Men on the other hand, all seemed to have had great experiences and would revisit a Three-way time and time again. How come that doesn’t surprise me!

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Things to consider

Relationships always need to be spiced up to keep the flame burning but that doesn’t mean a Three-way is the answer. Things can become complicated if one of you is the jealous type or your relationship isn’t solid.

Three-ways should be discussed and never pressure your partner into a Three-way because it’s something you want. You may live to regret it!

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If you are lucky enough to have a partner who shares you’re pursuit’s, it’s a great way to explore new intimacy and could make your bond greater.

Theres a few things you may want to consider:

  • All parties need to feel important and needed.
  • Everyone involved needs their time to be pleasured making sure you don’t spend more time with one.
  • If you are a man with 2 ladies, you will need to last the duration, giving equal pleasure.
  • Give thought beforehand as to what positions will be possible.
  • Using lube can help the experience and toys can add a twist or two.
  • Know the ground rules, everyone has likes and dislikes.
  • Have a safe word.

Three-ways can be difficult

I have trolled through many websites and read many articles on the difficulties of a Three-way with one main issue. Many people have said ” they believe the experience would have been easier if their Three-way was in-fact a Four-way.” In other words, 2 couples, they felt there was too much pressure to get it right and make sure everyone was receiving enough attention.

I guess that’s food for thought before you head down the Three-way road.

Thanks for stopping bye and I hope you found this small article interesting.

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