Angels are everywhere, they are people who put others before themselves. Are you an Angel?

In many cases their deeds are small and unnoticeable to many but they are there.

It could be as simple as a phone call out of the blue to someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in years. Maybe a text saying “how’s you today”. Smiling at a stranger is a lovely gesture, it could be the only smile they’ve had in days or when you’re driving letting someone out who’s waiting to join the queue.

There are so many things angles can do to bring a little light into peoples lives. Personally, I have always tried to do a good deed everyday, just a small kind act in my daily routine and 9 times out of 10 they are complete strangers.

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I guess you could break it down to those of us who have good hearts and cold hearts…

I’m a daddy’s girl, always have been and always will be. I studied him as I grew and ultimately had the pleasure of working side by side with him 7 days a week. He has always had an enormous heart. He would give but not for the thanks, but because he could see what that act meant to the recipient. I have even seen him shed a tear at a strangers demise, yet such a strong self made successful business man who could have had so much more, but because of his kind heart, he chose to help many people along his life journey.

Don’t get me wrong, my dad isn’t perfect, far from it, but the acts of kindness i’ve seen him do has been great life lessons.

In our lives i’m sure we all have reasons to be angry and bitter because she did this or he did that, but take a moment to think. Feeling Angry and bitter towards someone because, because, because, what will it achieve? Absolutely nothing is your answer.

OMG I think i’m getting to heavy that isn’t my intention, ok people let me get back on track….

I’m back, “sorry”, I was just having a moment lol

So, my point is…

When you have a good heart, sometimes you need to be a little self indulgent. You need to hang-up those huge angel wings now and then and slip on a smaller pair.

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We all have that naughty demon inside, you know the one i’m on about. Most of the time we suppress our erotic demon for what ever reason. Occasionally he needs to come out bursting out through our angel hearts.

Selfish pleasure is the demons desire, he knows it and you know it.

Let your demon out to play from time to time! You need it! It’s a great way to destress your mind, body and soul. Without the demons release, it’s hard to keep focused on the good path.

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Roll in the deep with your demon and feel the release. Your mind becomes clear and you will feel energised once more. Feel the goodness return to your good heart as you pick up your angel wings once more.

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With our Angles wings firmly back in place and our hearts full of good we can eagerly face the new day and all the trials and tribulations that come.


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I have said this time and time again people “Keep Smiling” with a genuine smile you can melt the coldest of hearts.

Have a great day!

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Thank you for your continued support.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Angel, Angel, Full Body Massage Service
Angel, Angel, Full Body Massage Service
Angel, Angel, Full Body Massage Service

Angels come in all shapes and sizes


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