Covid-19 Global Vaccination

Covid-19 Global Vaccination

Covid-19 Global vaccination ?

Covid-19 Global Vaccination, Covid-19 Global Vaccination, Full Body Massage Service

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Whats happened to our glories weather? I’m now wondering if we’ve had our summer this year. I know us Brits do like to talk about the weather but in our own defence the UK’s weather is so unpredictable, it’s the country where you can have every type of weather in one day and ends up being a topic of conversation.

Take today for instance, we’ve already had a downpour of rain this morning followed by the sun showing it’s face and since i’ve been typing away the wind has picked-up. I believe we have much more rain to follow in the coming hours, great fun for ducks but not so good if you like sitting in your garden.

Covid-19 Global Vaccination 

I’m afraid i’m on my soapbox again…

Here’s a question for you and if you know the answer please let me know.

British government policy of Covid vaccines is to get as many jabs into adults as possible and they are now available to all adults here in the UK.

Covid-19 Global Vaccination, Covid-19 Global Vaccination, Full Body Massage Service

The main objective is to break the chain of the virus and the G7 have vowed to support countries globally do the same. My question is this, if you are a British subject and live abroad how do you get a vaccine? Why isn’t the British Consulates globally offering the facility for at least British passport holders to get vaccinated?

I’m aware that France is offering this possibility to French nationals so why aren’t we doing this for our people?

There are hundreds of thousands of British passport holders living in many countries around the world, so why do these people have to be penalised. It’s too easy for a government to say “you have to follow the country you’re residing in vaccine policy”.

What if the country you are living in doesn’t have the stringent measures as we do for making a vaccine and these countries end-up producing something which is equally equivalent to Covid-19 its self?

I hear many of you saying “don’t be crazy, of course countries won’t produce something deadly for their people”, But it is true. Many people are dying as a result of poorly manufactured vaccine.

I believe people of all nationalities should not be subjected to this outcome. The death rate from poorly manufactured vaccine is now having an adverse effect. People are becoming too scared to become vaccinated and is some countries are left without a voice to tell the world whats happening.

The object of vaccination is to save lives globally, not to kill people off with dodgy vaccines, don’t you agree?

If every member of the G7 stepped up and sent vaccines to their consulates around the world and started vaccinating people, wouldn’t this help the pandemic globally!

I’m sure there are many people just like me who have relatives living abroad and are worried for their safety. I am like so many of you, left helpless to protect loved ones and all because our government isn’t offering a method for our loved ones to become vaccinated. There is no option available to purchase the vaccine and have it couriered to them, so I/we are left to wait and hope the virus bypasses them and the British government steps up to help their people living abroad!

Do you have the answer? maybe you have an opinion, comments are open below or you are welcome to send me an email

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Sue x

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