Hello people

Hello people

Hello People

Good morning all,

How are you all doing? Just thought I would touch base with you all today.

So, what’s been going on in my world? A fair bit really, with a bit of this and a bit of that. My life is never dull although dull would be nice sometimes. Obviously I can’t share all 🤪

Hello people, Hello people, Full Body Massage Service

Watch out for a post coming called “landscaping” what a nightmare of a journey but you will get to read all next week. Next week I hear you say, it will all make sense when you read it lol

New page

Don’t disappear, the new page I promised is all ready to go, I’m just waiting for it to be uploaded. It won’t be long so keep checking because it is coming and a little different. Some of you will like it, well I hope you do. Let me know your thoughts.

BBQ weather

I know, I always mention the weather and couldn’t resist mentioning it today. It looks like from Wednesday, summer will arrive at long last 😁 with a steady stream of many sunny days to follow. It could mean many of you rushing out and buying fans and air-cons as temperatures are predicted to reach the late 20’s 🥵

Dust off those BBQ and enjoy with a glass of something exciting, why not, you’ve earned it!

Great if you have family, put the kids in the garden with the hose and kill to birds with one stone. The kids will have great fun with the water and your garden will get a splattering too.

Bring it on!!!


This is a new thing for me and over the weeks i’ve learnt the lingo, watched many YouTubers state their predictions for the future. Yes i’ve invested a few pennies in the crypto market, watching intently as the green candles appear followed by the unwanted red ones lol. Just remember with all the excitement of being in a bull run remember to hit the right button. Thats what happened to me, I was so excited and things were going great, switching from buy to sell and sell to buy and then hitting the button to sell, or so I thought and realised I hadn’t changed the settings… Definitely another lesson learned!

It’s true, the market is volatile and especially this week with the release of the grey scale Btc and there are so many people panicking about it.

This release is not for spot buying and I believe it’s all fud (scare mongering) to push the values down for the big boys to buy, although at the moment because of this fud, it is causing the crypto market to fluctuate in a downward trend.

I’m not giving up and will ride the storm because where else can your money make such significant gains.

My Health

It’s been a long journey since the start of my sciatica but i’m please to say i’m over the worst although i’m left with a few issues especially brain fog and unable to focus. Time will tell if I make a complete recovery, here’s hoping thats the case.

I’ve had an MRI scan as this scan can see whats happening with nerves as well as bone. My spine specialist is talking with surgeons to see what the next steps could be for my condition.

Oh well, it is what it is and for now, I will just continue as I have always done, with a smile on my face but now at a slower pace lol

There goes life again, throwing yet another curved ball… I just wish I could side step a few step  😂


I’m a hands on type of girl (pardon the expression) you know what I mean.

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty (here I go again, sorry) ok i will get to the point.

My car has an onboard computer, it’s the norm these days and it flashes up when things need to be done. It told me along with hearing a different sound that the indicator bulb on my wing mirror needs replacing. Piece a cake, I can do that, no worries, undo a few screws change the bulb… How hard can that be… Wrong!

I checked the car manual and couldn’t find how to do it so then checked for YouTube videos. I mean how hard can it be, right? I replaced the pump on my condenser tumble dryer by watching YouTube vids so my thinking is if I can do that surly I can replace an indicator bulb.

The videos were there and plenty to watch but omg it’s not simple. My thinking was if I can’t do it, it’s not as if “oh I will figure it out over time”, it’s my car and I can’t drive it with the mirror removed and wires exposed. You got it, I didn’t attempt it. There are somethings that need to be left to the specialist and as I don’t service bodies of the mechanical type, I thought its better if I leave this one alone.

With an onboard computer, why don’t manufacturers make it easy? They could just introduce a button that you need a key for so they mechanically slide out, you replace it and then slide back in making contact. Easy!


I found this quote and thought how poignant it is…

Don’t you agree???

Hello people, Hello people, Full Body Massage Service

My car has just been picked up by my garage, it’s time for the MOT so they can do the indicator at the same time… Result!

Ok people, it’s enough of my chatter today. Keep smiling what ever life throws at you.

Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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