Diary Dates

Diary Dates

Diary Dates

Good morning,

Decisions decisions this morning, what should I write about? Then it entered my head, how about a few diary dates.

With all the traumas of this year and trying to get back to somewhere close to where we were before the virus it’s easy to forget that yearly dates come and go. We are now in the last week of August and this weekend is a Bank Holiday – Monday 31st. Maybe you can plan an outing with your family for this day, especially if you have children, it would probably be the last chance before they return to school.

Schools autumn half term is Monday 26th October – Friday 30th, later this year I believe and with Halloween on the 31st the children will enjoy trickle treat without having to return to school the next day. I’m a big kid, I like Halloween.

And then I thought, omg, this year has wizzed bye and if you’re anything like me, you will be glad to see the back of 2020 and all that this year has brought.

Not to being a party pooper in anyway, I then wondered how many days left until Christmas and I came up with 123 days. That’s approximately 18 weeks or 4 months. Enough time to buy Christmas presents and put them away, especially with the great deals on offer everywhere at the moment.

Is it a gamble to buy now? will there be larger discounts the closer we get? who knows. At the moment, most places are offering between 30% – 50% reductions. A sad time for retailers just trying to get money back in through their doors but on the up side this could be beneficial.

The gamble is this, if, with their current discounts retailers manage to pull in enough revenue now then you won’t see such huge reductions closer to the big day. Obviously if they don’t, the discounts will remain and possibly  greater or it could be they doors will close permanently and we will all loose.

I’m as guilty as the next person, I haven’t ventured to the high street since February, not that I was a regular shopper of the high street anyway. To be honest, I have never really liked Ipswich town centre, I’ve always thought of it as the pits but, have on occasion enjoyed the charm of Bury st Edmunds high street. If i’m not buying clothing where I want to touch the fabric and see the quality then most of my shopping is done online. A trend that most of us have taken up because of Covid at the expense of our high streets.

I guess the point I’m making is, if we don’t take the plunge and venture to our high streets to pick up a bargain then we will loose our shops and the advantages that some bring. Even if it’s a few hours for a change of scenery with the family, the chances are you will buy something, even if it’s a hot dog or drink from the street vendor.

With mask on and hand sanitiser in your pocket, go for it and see whats on offer!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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