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Good Morning readers,

I hope you are are well and life is returning back to normal, well as normal as it can be.

It’s now officially Autumn, the leaves will soon be turning brown and filling our pathways with fallen leaves. It’s a crazy to think whats happen to us all this year and how quickly this year seems to be passing. The weather of the passed week caught me by surprise, one minute it was lovely and warm and then it was gone, it felt like someone had flicked a switch and then the evening were cold. I am determined not to put my heating on, it just doesn’t seem right in my weird logic. Just put a jumper on, I’ve been telling myself.

Some of you might be thinking why no posts, what’s happened? I am alive and well lol a busy lady who has had many obstacles to overcome with my website. I felt it was probably better not to try and produce a post for you all until my obstacles were sorted. So here I am, still smiling and still eager to to carry on ☺️ come what may.

In my life, a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes. I have taken more courses and received more passes i’m pleased to announce and some with 100% mark. I still have the learning bug so i’m sure more courses will follow. My new car (not new but new to me) has now arrived, I just need to give it a good valet and there’s a couple of little things I would like done in the future. Sue’s a happy lady.

Work has been busy, I have met some really nice people. I had the pleasure of meeting a new couple for a tantalising session of sensual full body massage for both. Truly lovely people who left with a smile and hopefully I will see them again soon.

I have been booked for an erotic professional photo shoot with all pictures to be uploaded to my VIP gallery, obviously distinguishing marks can be pixelated if required. This is going to be a fun day and probably a little embarrassing but with much laughter, i’m sure we will get through it. As you all know, taking my clothes off doesn’t come naturally to me. I am a fairly shy lady.

Don’t forget, if you would like to book an appointment with me for ~

Sensual full body massage for ladies or gents offering a Tantric motion for men and a Yoni motion of ladies please try to book forward.

Professional Hot Stone Massage for both ladies and gentleman. This treatment isn’t erotic or sexual in any form, it’s purely for relaxation and helps to detox the body. 

Professional Body Massage for both ladies and gentleman. This treatment again, isn’t erotic or sexual and is a great way to relive stress and loosen tight muscles from your daily lives.

My website is going to be refreshed and updated soon with new pages being added and this will include all treatments available. Also it will host a variety of gift vouchers that you can pay for and download as presents for friends and loved ones.

So in all, there is a lot going on in my life and trying to fit it all in isn’t easy. Let’s hope the end result will be worth all the work and you all will be the judge jury, i’m sure lol.

I would love to receive some content from you all, especially some true stories. It only takes a few minutes to send me an email with some content for a future post. All content I receive is treated with the upmost discretion so please don’t  be shy and get sending me your emails to

Thanks for taking 5 minutes to read my post, your continued support means a lot.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x



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