Do you have that Friday feeling?

Do you have that Friday feeling?

Do you have that Friday Feeling?, Do you have that Friday feeling?, Full Body Massage Service

Do you have that Friday feeling?

Do you have that Friday Feeling?, Do you have that Friday feeling?, Full Body Massage Service

Good morning readers,

Well, today is a mixed bag people it’s a bit of this and a bit of that lol. I will try to keep off my soap box but theres no promises 😝 .

Do you have that Friday feeling, I wonder 🤔. Normally we look forward to the weekends but this weekend will be different, It’s the last weekend before the big day!

It’s that old Christmas saying ” you’ll be making a list and checking it twice” trying to make sure you have bought what you need and give yourself the chance if not.


I thought I was being clever and getting organised in advance with a special present for my grandson ooops did you not know i’m a grandmother lol

I ordered my gift back in November as part of a Black Friday deal after doing my checks as you can’t be to careful from whom your buying from. I had dealt with this company “” numerous times previously.

Great news, I received a tracking number for Royal Mail, even better, as I have RM’s app on my phone. The status as of the 4th December states that RM have been notified by the sender that they are sending my item to RM. Phew no problems there.

When I placed my order they specified the deliver 6th – 10th December. Plenty of time before the big day, or so I thought. The 10th comes and goes and I keep checking the deliver status and that hasn’t changed.

Alarm bells start to ring! I decided to google the business I’d bought through on the site. Their trading name comes under RETAILER SHOP Hashtechguy Electronics.

This is when I start to freakout, there wasn’t a good word to say about this business and so many people where saying they had been scammed. My heart sunk as I had spent a fair amount on a special gift.

Now in panic mode, I called Visa and they were amazing and returned the monies to my account immediately, thus enabling me to search again for the same product. I can’t thank Visa enough. I managed to find the same product, although a little more expensive through John lewis.

This time I wasn’t prepared to risk the delivery and opted for their click and collect service.

I guess the moral of the story is research and then research again if you’re spending a fair amount online.

Crypto Lovers

The last few weeks in crypto have been turbulent to say the least. One day i’m in the green and then the next i’m in the red but thats the name of the game.

All Crypto lovers have been on the edge of their seats waiting in anticipation for the bull run to take off to the moon. There have been a few weak nancy’s out there that have been wetting the bed though.

They key is to buy the dips and dollar cost average and of course hodl. Don’t panic and sell when you see a 10 or 20% plus downward trend. This doesn’t automatically mean you have lost 10 or 20% especially if your charts are depicting higher lows. It just means it’s correcting it’s self, ready for an up take to the moon, hopefully!

There are not sure TA in crypto, it’s a very volatile market but it is the certainty the best way to fight against inflation.

I’m waiting for the Santa Rally and with most TA’s predicting that Bitcoin will make it’s move from todays current price range sitting around $47,000 – $50,000 to $100,000 and beyond what more could you want? Bring on the Santa Rally!

If you are interested in crypto and want to know more, check out Daily Trade Signals Vids. Here is a link to his last vid which was this morning or better sill i’ve embedded below for you. Great guy, tells it how it is and helps beginners understand the markets.


Do I need to talk about this new variant “Omicon”? I don’t want to but I think there are so many people who are extremely scared by all the hype the media is surrounding us with, I feel I need to say a little something.

The government is pushing like mad to get jabs into arms with the media hyping it up to all time highs. Fair enough, I understand the logic behind the 3rd jab but bearing in mind the media only likes to report the worst in anything it reports, and making it sound worse than it actually is in many cases as this type of reporting makes money.

With a level head, I have to ask, does the government and media they really understand what they are doing to the country?

We all know that Covid will produce further variants in its quest to survive, so why hasn’t the government, readily have in place for such events, a survival package for businesses?

Throughout this pandemic, time and time again, I, like so many other sole traders and industries have been monetarily hit.

How on earth with all the scare mongering from the media hype surrounding Omicron are we supposed to survive? It seems we have all been left hanging in the wind with a front row seat to watch our businesses diminish beyond repair. It’s certainly isn’t a great vision!

I personally have seen my business diminish by 80%, I ask “how can you recover from that”? The answer is, YOU CAN’T!

Have your say below. Am I wrong? What do you think about it?

Sue has just stepped off her soap box lol

Ok people, I have that Friday feeling and i’m ready to take on the day. The weekend starts tonight… Have fun people, stay safe and if your not in bed by 10pm, go home!

As always take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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A huge thank you to all my readers, writers and of course my clients for your continued support. Luv to you all ❤️

Do you have that Friday Feeling?, Do you have that Friday feeling?, Full Body Massage Service

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