Galactic Cap

Galactic Cap

Galactic Cap

Galactic Cap, the innovative condom for maximum pleasure.

Would you wear one?

Good Morning,

My first day back worked like a dream, no problems to mention. It was great to get back to some kind of normality and laugh again with clients. I have really missed the interaction, roll on day 2 😁. This article is worth a read especially if you or should I say a mans best friend is looking for safety as well as pleasure.

The Galactic Cap has been floating around since 2017 and probably like me you haven’t heard of it or seen what it looks like. That’s now about to change as I delve a little further.

Galactic Cap, Galactic Cap, Full Body Massage Service

It’s definitely a new concept from what we call the norm when we think of the humble condom. We automatically think of brands such as Durex, Skyn or Trojan, a small little square foiled packet containing a rubber/latex sock which rolls down over the head of your best friend and down your shaft. Coming in an array of colours, flavours and pleasure bumps, all in the hope of giving pleasure, protecting you from nasty’s and not forgetting the unwanted road of a 9 months delivery.

It’s reported that most men won’t wear a condom, “saying” it reduces sensitivity and ultimately pleasure, well, that’s all about to change with the Galactic Cap.

A quantum leap forward the innovation of Galactic Cap is set to dispel all mens reasons for not wearing a condom boasting sensitivity when you need it most.

Galactic Cap, Galactic Cap, Full Body Massage Service

What does the Galactic cap look like

Don’t be off put by it’s radical design, it’s like anything new, once you’ve tried it you wonder why you had reservations.

Galactic Cap, Galactic Cap, Full Body Massage Service

How to apply the Galactic Cap

Applying the Galactic Cap is really simple and easy. The first time, just make sure you read the instructions as I know thats not normally man thing.

The Galactic Cap uses an unconventional method for protecting oneself before getting down. Made up of polyurethane film (a common material in condoms), The Galactic Cap uses an adhesive that has been pre-approved by the FDA for use on skin.

Attaching just like a plaster, simply line up the hole of The Galactic Cap with yours and cover. Once attached, the covering contains a reservoir to trap juices. Removing as you would a plaster, the Galactic Cap must be removed “very slowly” leading us to believe quick removal should be avoided for obvious reasons.

Galactic Cap, Galactic Cap, Full Body Massage Service

Here’s a video of application

See, it’s easy to apply and i’m sure your partner would be more than happy to get involved!

Where can I buy the Galactic Cap?

I’m afraid I couldn’t find a UK outlet for the Galactic Cap.

That’s all folks!

Be good and if you can’t be good be careful and as always take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Galactic Cap, Galactic Cap, Full Body Massage Service
Galactic Cap, Galactic Cap, Full Body Massage Service
Galactic Cap, Galactic Cap, Full Body Massage Service

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